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Do you want to know how you can make money with traffic sources? The principle is simple. Just purchase traffic at low prices and then sell that traffic to ad networks like AdSense (or alternatives) for higher prices. The difference between the two is what you will profit.

You may or may not have heard this before, but it is called traffic arbitrage. And it is best used with paid traffic. But free traffic through SEO is best case scenario since technically the amount you pay for that traffic is free, but SEO takes a lot of time to get going so in the beginning I would suggest using paid traffic.

Paid traffic is also how you can finally start to scale up your blog to become passive. This post will contain ideas, resources, and overview of paid traffic sources including but not limited to PPC traffic, CPC, push notification traffic, CPA traffic and more.

Content will include methods, step by step instructions, and insight into using paid traffic to scale your online income especially after you have tapped into free traffic sources and making money from those free traffic methods. For topic ideas about what you want to learn please email

Before testing traffic sources there are basic things to note first. Things to note when testing paid traffic: account creation, funding requirements, and content approval process.

Account creation – your traffic assets

For account creation – some networks may have to approve you to join before you start advertising with them. It is unfortunate because there is a barrier to entry to that network.

Starting out, you want to use networks you can get approved instantly without having to be considered or having to talk to a person to get your account verified.

A simple automatic email confirmation should be enough for your account to be verified so that you don’t face any hassles. Examples include Facebook, Outbrain, Taboola, and Revcontent.

Funding requirement(s)

Be aware of deposit requirement and minimum daily budget – some may require you to add funds before you even submit for review. I do not like those networks. I would avoid those initially to minimize your risk.

Focus first on ad networks where you do not have to add funds to send your creative for approval. This should reduce your risk financially. Then you can branch out to depositing funds before submitting your ad for review when you have the funds available.

Examples include Facebook, and native ad networks like Outbrain, Taboola where you do not have to deposit funds up front.

Approval process to unlock massive profitable traffic

Approval/review/moderation process – your content or creative will need to go through approval to see that it does not violate any policies for being shown. This can take up a lot of time and you need patience for this. It can be disheartening when your creative does not get approved, because you have to go through the process of waiting again to have it reviewed.

That is why it is advisable to test a number of different ad networks before sticking to just one so that you are waiting on several content reviews as opposed to just one in case your creatives get denied. This way you are submitting a lot for review and seeing which stick, and you really only need one or two good ad networks to stick with for your paid traffic and if that network proves profitable then you can scale up.

Since the approval process can take some time, while the review process is going under way, in the meantime you can focus on your free traffic strategies and researching topics and creating content. In this way you are making efficient use of your time instead of feeling like you are watching grass grow waiting for your paid ads to get approved.

Goldmine of Untapped Traffic Sources

Paid traffic is one of the fastest, if not the fastest, ways to get traffic to your site and blog. The only trick is to know which traffic source is both profitable and affordable. You can measure profitability by how engaged your visitors are to your site. The more engaged visitors are, the more likely they will be profitable.

The biggest thing to be careful here though is with bot traffic. Bot traffic are the worst and they are not profitable in any way to you. You need to check your Google Analytics always to see for bounce rates, session duration, and page views per session for each of the traffic sources that you test out.

Google Analytics is great for this because they have high standards for their traffic and bot traffic usually will not even register in the analytics data. And then for visitors that do not engage that much, you can see that in the analytics reflected by the high bounce rate and low session duration from that source or from a particular content landing page you are sending that traffic to.

In this way you can see where your engaged traffic is coming from and which content they are engaging with the most to know how and where to monetize that traffic coming into your site.

Without further ado, here is a list of some untapped traffic sources you may not have heard of and you can test for yourself.


Adstargets is a little-known network that I found by searching for CPA networks to advertise my offers to. They were easy to use and they approved my advertising account almost automatically. Funding requirement is $50 minimum to start, but they give you $20 extra to use as a bonus after you deposit the $50 so in total you get $70 to work with to invest in your traffic.

They are good for CPA offers or if you have offers yourself where you want to pay per conversion. I have also used their CPC model and they were okay but analytics data needs more work and I need to invest more money to gather data.

I wanted to test low CPC to start at $0.01 to start but was not getting decent traffic, but as you go up in CPC, the more traffic obviously you will get. I made an investment of $50 so far combined with CPA and CPC and half of that was on CPC since I like the CPC model generally. I went up to $0.05 per click before decided to try out other ad networks since I felt the session duration was kind of low and bounce rate relatively high. But still from the numbers in analytics, I was sure the traffic was not bot traffic. It is just the traffic coming from them are not that engaged. This may be because their traffic is not that qualified.

Still they are okay and they do not seem to have bot traffic. Be warned though that they are a relatively new (at least to me) and an unknown network so definitely do your due diligence before committing to them fully, but they are an okay traffic source to try if you are looking for new traffic sources to get into.


Outbrain is the more popular ad network and some may even monetize with them if you are approved. Still, for the traffic, they are decent and they get good reviews. The minimum daily budget is $20 and they do not require you to deposit anything. You pay after you get the traffic from your campaign. I like that model instead of having to deposit money initially because you do not know if their traffic is even legit. But with $20, I can test the traffic out for one day. The CPC model they have is easy to set up. I had my campaign submitted in about 15 minutes, and that was me as a beginner. The process then goes to the review team of Outbrain where you have to wait for your content and creative to be approved.

The review process for Outbrain is moderately long but not that long. I waited about 3 days for the campaign to be approved. But keep in mind that they have strict standards and they are not keen on hyped up, exaggerated claims, like Facebook does. I would suggest that the less hype-y and more toned down your content and professional your tone is, the better you will be at getting approved.

Once my content was approved by Outbrain though, I got a butt load of traffic for that day. More than I felt I knew what to do with. I liked the amount of traffic I got for the cost of the clicks from that campaign. But there is an issue I have with Outbrain, and that is the amount of seeming fraudulent or bot traffic. But it is still questionable to me whether they really are bot traffic or just really unengaged visitors.

I saw I have this issue because when I looked at my analytics, I noted the amount of traffic I got from Outbrain and it was less than what I saw on the Outbrain dashboard for managing Outbrain campaigns was. There was this discrepancy where Google Analytics was not recording half of Outbrain’s visitors to my site. I was scratching my head at this and I suspect some of Outbrain’s traffic may be bot traffic that Google Analytics is blocking and not recording. Also when I look at analytics, I see that visitors on Outbrain do not have long session duration and they have really high bounce rate of almost 99%. That is pretty bad. I decided to kill the Outbrain traffic right after the first test.

This was surprising to me because of the amount of good reviews Outbrain has all over the internet. A lot of websites and blog mention Outbrain so I thought there was something to this ad network and some YouTube videos even show they profit from this ad network. Still, you may have better luck with it and try it out for yourself.


Revcontent is very similar to Outbrain. It is just that they have stricter funding requirements and they higher daily budget minimum of $100. I was extremely skeptical of that, but thought that if they have higher requirements, then they must have better quality traffic. Right? I was not so sure. So I did more reading about them and the more digging I did, the lower the impression I got of this ad network. The blogs I read would mention bot traffic and low quality visitors from Revcontent. Again I was surprised, because I would think this ad network looked professional and their high requirement made them a premium network.

You can still try them out for yourself if you have the budget. $100 minimum is not that much depending on where you live. And it is an investment that could prove profitable if your campaign gets good results.


Quora for sure is a premium network. The sheer volume of their traffic is nothing to joke about. As a question and answer format type of site, you get really qualified and engaged visitors of you manage to drive that traffic from Quora. However, being premium and high quality, they have strict standards for the type of content that they will allow and approve as ads. I remember I mentioned something sort of hype-y in one of my ad copy and the next day I got suspended. I got similar vibes as Facebook ads since this is what FB would do.

So be careful about anything sounding fraudulent, hype-y, or with over-sensational and exaggerated claims. But other than that I got approved for another ad that I submitted for review.


Reddit is similar to Quora but instead of being a question answer style site, Reddit is a forum style site where people discuss topics. You might find it funny that Reddit is listed here because it is often thought of as the place where marketers should not touch. This is because Redditors are notorious for eating marketers alive. If there is even a hint of self promotion in a post, people will call you out on it on the spot. It is also notorious for strict moderators especially in high traffic sites where your posts can get auto removed or manually removed by the mods if it contains anything mildly resembling spam or being promotional. That is if you are trying to get free traffic. But what about paid ads on Reddit? The same holds true.

This is also the same for paid ads. The worst types of ads on Reddit are similar to the worst types of posts on Reddit. The worst ads read like spam, look like promotional material, and just outright seem self-serving. What you want to focus on with Reddit, or any marketing effort for that matter, is providing valuable content up front.

Still, you can get traffic from Reddit. This is especially true if you are using the blogging method to making money online like what I teach here. The biggest trick is that you want to make your posts and ads look nothing like an ad at all. In fact it shouldn’t sell anything. It should be a very valuable informative post or anything that delivers news. It should not be hard to make this type of post especially on your own if you follow this content creation guide here full of research material tricks for effective and profitable content.

In your valuable posts in Reddit which shouldn’t take about three paragraphs, you can then link to your blog post which contain equally valuable but more in depth content spanning up to 2,000 words or more.

With Reddit paids ads though, the cost is per thousand impressions or CPM. The CPM is $0.75 which is not something I like too much. This is because your ad will be labeled as an ad in the first place which make it automatically a turn off to Redditors but also if you take the average click-through rate of 0.10% then at 1,000 impressions then you get a moderate estimate of 1 click per thousand views. That is $0.75 per click to your site, which to me is expensive. Still this is something I would experiment with especially as I increase my RPM from my site. The more revenue I can get per visitor on average, the better I can monetize these more high cost traffic sources.


This is a “content network” that I discovered while reading reviews about a video game. I stumbled on them when I went to the native ads section at the bottom of the article, but the source of the native ads was a source I was unfamiliar with. I saw that it said Zergnet. So I decided to click on the source and do more digging on what Zergnet was. It turns out they are like Outbrain or Revcontent but with a twist. You can get traffic to your site from Zergnet, but instead of costing you money, it will cost you clicks. That’s right, it’s like adswapping in auto-pilot.

Basically, it’s exchanging traffic for traffic. If you send Zergnet clicks, then they will send clicks back to your site. This is something unique to me and I have never seen this type of traffic exchange before. Maybe there are more of these types of networks out there where you do not pay with money and instead pay for clicks for when you want to receive clicks yourself.

The content that they display on your site and that they display in their feed are really weirdly sensationalized and contain a lot of faces of celebrities. I found it really peculiarly to this network Zergnet. Another thing I noted is that the Zergnet content on your site do not contain any disclaimer that it is an ad. I thought this was suspicious but then thought that technically Zergnet is not an ad, but it is content. And if you click on the Zergnet native content on your site, they do lead to an actual article that is not selling you something and not an advertorial where it looks like an article but is actually selling you something. So maybe this is why they can afford not to put the ad label on their content on your site.

The results I got from Zergnet was not the greatest, but that may also be due to the fact that I was not sending them a great deal of volume in the first place. I would send like two to four clicks to them per day but I think that is because visitors in my particular site just do not engage well with the Zergnet content. I think my traffic is just not the demographic for the Zergnet content.

But they could be your demographic and they may work well for you but you should try them out first before committing to them and seeing if their traffic is good for you. In the end I got very little traffic from them, but of course again I sent them little traffic in the first place.

Plus signing up takes no cost from you because after all the real cost to you is the traffic you are sending them and in exchange they send traffic back your way.

And much much more

There is way too many traffic sources available and many untapped traffic sources at that. I cannot possibly and humanly list all of them here. New ones come up all the time that no one may have even heard of.

Or others that were not good sources of traffic become all of a sudden good sources of traffic now. So a lot of things change and you need to do your own research and testing which is what I always tell you.

But whatever I find I will post it on here. The traffic sources that I know would be helpful to you I will disclose it here so you too can benefit. Just keep updated on new things that are posted on this site since it is updated regularly.

Still, the same traffic principles remain the same. Buy clicks from traffic sources at affordable prices and then sell those clicks to ad networks like AdSense (or alternatives) that pay you higher than what you paid for those clicks. Then you will pocket the difference. This is what many call traffic arbitrage.

What is traffic arbitrage

Traffic arbitrage is basically when you buy traffic for cheap then sell that traffic to other ad networks for higher pay through your site. If you were using SEO to get traffic then traffic is technically free and that is the most ideal scenario.

But SEO takes time and there is no guarantee of ranking so it is difficult to control. So paying for ads like in terms of PPC is the most commonly used strategy.

You must keep the concept of traffic arbitrage in mind when doing your blogging business. Traffic arbitrage is basically what you are doing, especially if you are not selling affiliate products or your own products yet. But it is a solid business model and I love it.


What is RPM and CTR in AdSense

There are different terms and acronyms you need to know when you get revenue from display ads, but the most important ones are RPM and CTR. And you can see them easily in the AdSense dashboard if you check it regularly in WordPress in your site.

RPM stands for Revenue Per Milieu which basically means how much money you make per one thousand page views. It is a metric used widely in the ad network industry for publishers so they know on average how much money they make per thousand views. It is interesting because it is based on ad view. Which means if a page has 3 ads on it, it is recorded as 3 page views for that ad. So if you have 10 users visit your one page that has 3 ads on it, then that is recorded as 30 page views.

From my experience, starter RPM tends to be in the $0.5 to $3 rpm. The better rpm is $4-15. Phenomenal RPM tends to be $15 up to $50 which you can typically see in permium networks like Mediavine and Adthrive ad networks depending on your niche and geo location your traffic is coming from.

CTR stands for Click-Through Rate. It is a percentage of how many people out of 100 people click on ads on your page on average. So if you have a clickthrough rate of 2% in AdSense for example then that means when 100 people see an ad, then two people click on that ad on average. It is great to show how likely visitors in your site are likely to click on ads.

According to this one AdPushup article, “the majority of the bloggers have CTR between .50 to 3 percent” and this is what I have seen in my own personal experience blogging.


What is UTM and how can it help you get profitable

UTM is a feature in a link that tells you where the traffic came from to be able to track that traffic. It can get technical but basically you ad a string of letters and/or words after a link and when visitors click that link to got your site then that tells Google Analytics where that traffic came from to differentiate it from other traffic sources.

This is important so that you know where your traffic is coming from and whether that traffic is engaging with your content or not. In this way you can see which traffic source is not performing well and being profitable for you. So you know which traffic source to kill and go on to test other traffic sources. But if that traffic source does prove to be profitable then you can double down on that traffic source and invest even more money on that traffic since you know you are getting money back in return as profits.

But without UTM, you would not know whether to kill that traffic or to let the profits run if you did not track the traffic from which source and whether those visitors are engaging with your content or not.

To create your UTM link, you need to google “URL builder” and a free service from google should show up where you build your UTM url. You should end up at this site:

You then enter your plain URL then the required UTM string which are source, medium, and campaign (explained by google with examples), then you copy paste the newly generated URL with the UTM strings at the bottom of that page. This is the URL you will use for visitors to click on to traffic the specific traffic source you want to see them coming from.



List of native ad networks:

Paid traffic sources:

  • Facebook ads
  • Taboola
  • Outbrain
  • Recontent
  • Quora ads
  • Adstargets
  • CPALead
  • PopAds (?)


What is UTM:

Average blogging CTR:

Traffic arbitrage explained but with travel niche:

Revenue by referrer in analytics: