Setup – Finally start your profitable blog – the basics of starting a website with domain, hosting, and WordPress for your blog

Having your own website gives you the freedom to post what you want on there. There are a number of benefits as to why you may want a blog, one popular reason being to monetize it. You can attract traffic by giving valuable information to other people for free. You can market your own products and services or you can refer your visitors to other people’s products and services. You can even display ads to monetize content on your site.

Whatever your goal is, you can set up your blog today.

You know you want a website. You want to monetize that website. But you don’t know where to start, or want a refresher on how to do it if you would do it all over again. This is the guide for you. If you want to know more what this site is about then you can read more about this site here.

Setting Up Shop – Benefits of Using Paid vs. Free Blogging Platform (Hint: Don’t Use Free)

You may see it everywhere – the importance of domain, hosting, and WordPress. We discuss it here and why you do not want to use other people’s platform for publishing your content from a larger strategic perspective.

There are free websites you can post your content on such as Wix. Blogger, or the free version of WordPress. So why spend money on domain and hosting to create a website that you own? It is control. You have a hub for all your content you create that you own and no policy from another website is going to affect you. You create your own rules in your website. You can post whatever content you want on there as long as it is not illegal or criminal.

Plus it is much easier to monetize since WordPress allows your average person to edit and put codes in a website without actual coding.

Choose Your Profitable Niche

You need to know what kind of business to start with in the first place. If you already have a concrete idea of a profitable niche to go into, then that is great and you can go onto the next step. But if you do not yet have a niche to go into or do not know whether it is profitable, then you can go to the guide here to begin researching profitable niches to start for slightly more details tips.

Niches online usually fall into one of each of the larger category of health, wealth, or relationships, although not always. Generally what you want to look for in choosing a niche is that it is both profitable and one that is you are passionate about so that you can work on your business for a long time to come until it starts to make profits for you.

Get Your Own Domain

Domain is the name of the website like, the actual “” is the domain name. You get to choose your own as long as it is available for sale.

Now I want to make things as simple as possible so I only use one resource when getting my domain and hosting. That resource is the website Namecheap. Namecheap is awesome, and I do not get paid for saying this. I have been using them for over one year and I have had no problems with them and the service I get has been awesome. They also have so many tutorials for newbies like me to get setup in no time if we have no prior knowledge about making websites like with domains and hosting and WordPress.

Now, this is not a hard and fast rule. You can do your own research and find other domain sellers and hosting providers. Some others include GoDaddy for domain names and HostGator for hosting. There are so many of these competing services now that you can do a simple google search and have trouble choosing one.

But I recommend Namecheap since that is what I use. So go to and buy a domain. You can get one for around $8-12 depending on how popular that domain name is. Sometimes it can get up to $2000 if that domain name is really popular. You do not want to spend a lot on this, just get a simple but memorable name that you can build your brand around. Use a .com or .net or .org ideally since this is what most people are accustomed to. But again this is not a hard and fast rule. I’ve seen people use .io or .tv and do well whether that is affiliate marketing or simply blogging.

I personally have two websites complete with domain, hosting, and WordPress all from Namecheap. But of course I purchased multiple domains from Namecheap so I feel I have them secure since I suspect I will use them in the future. With their stellar hosting I can have max of 3 so I plan to use all 3 some time soon, so I will be adding one more domain to my hosting that already is hosting two of my domains. Still further down the road, I plan to make even more websites since the process is pretty enjoyable especially once you know how and having multiple websites that I own sounds cool. This is especially if you know how to monetize it profitably with ads and know how to drive quality traffic to your sites. I don’t look forward to managing all of them though but that is a topic for another discussion.

Your Own Hosting

Now you have a domain name, then you need a hosting provider to get that domain name online and active. I use Namecheap, since they also provide hosting and the domain and hosting is under one provider. Go to the hosting section from their homepage navigation. If you notice, they have difference levels of service for hosting, from shared hosting to WordPress hosting to reseller hosting. What you want is the shared hosting, and this is good enough for our use as a personal blog.

There are difference price levels for the shared hosting. I use the Stellar package which at this time of writing is $2.88 per month since I don’t want to commit too much too soon and wanted to test the waters. Now that I got a good idea of what kind of service they provide, I would go ahead now and want to do the upgrade to that hosting level which is the one at about $5 per month.

Now you want to direct your domain name to use the hosting package that you bought. With Namecheap this is incredibly easy with just one or two clicks of a button since they are in the same platform and they provide really good instructions on how to incorporate your hosting to your domain that you bought from them. It involves going into your Namecheap account and clicking on your domain, click on manage, and bring the dropdown on hosting to redirect it to Namecheap Hosting DNS or similar. What is great about Namecheap is that they have great tutorials for beginners for setting everything up. I encourage you to use them, they are incredibly valuable.

Install WordPress

The incredibly popular WordPress. It makes my work so much easier and it’s free to an extent. Now that you have your domain and hosting setup, you want to install WordPress on your site. This is how you can make your site functional and how you can edit it easily.

Go to the cpanel of your website after setting up hosting. This is typically at where ‘yourwebsite’ is what domain name you chose.

Then login your cpanel and look for where it says WordPress. Click on it and then you can choose to install it and go ahead and install it. It’s really simple, button-press easy and does not take coding experience at all. I can focus on being a writer and researching and producing content. I love it.

During installation, it will prompt you to make an account and password to login to your WordPress account for that site. It is typically username with ‘admin’ and a long string of numbers and letters for the password. You need to remember this since you will use it often. It will also make you choose a theme. Just choose a basic theme like “Twenty Twenty One Theme” or whichever basic theme is available at that time.

After installation, you need to login to your WordPress for your site. This is typically at where ‘yourwebsite’ is your domain. Again, input your WordPress account and password that you setup just a minute ago.

Now that you have WordPress installed, you are pretty much finished in setting up your website. There are many more steps to do after this, but for now you can take a break and pat yourself on the back since you did something great. This was not an easy process. You now have your very own website.

An important thing to note is your site speed. You will want to monitor your site speed and make sure it loads fast with a tool like Just put your site’s URL in there and see how many seconds your site loads up. With all the addons, theme customization and WordPress plugins you can install on your site, it can bog down your site and may make it load slower. Make sure your site loads fast so your visitors don’t bounce off your site fast so that you increase the session duration per visitor which should correlate with increased income for you since each visitor will have a higher chance of engaging with the content and ads in your site.

Other topics for further reading: Monetizing your site and Getting lots of traffic

Obviously there is a lot more to learn, but to guide you in the right direction, I will give you the two main topics you want to read up on further and they monetization and traffic. Forget other things and focus on these two after you have set up your website properly. If you master these two concepts to making money online with your blog, then you are ahead of the competition by a large margin.

This site,, has more great resources, posts and info on these topics of monetization, traffic, and blogging in here and I encourage you to keep clicking around and learn more. You never know what you are going to find and it might just be that missing link to you making more money online.


And just like that, at around $15 I have the fundamental starter things I need to have my own website and start making money with it. Again, there is more steps to setting things up at the intermediate level, especially with monetizing your website, setting up analytics, and getting recommended plugins and such. But is this way to blogging the best and easiest way to make money online? Read more about the discussion surrounding this topic.

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