Productivity Payday – Productivity and Stress Hacks for More Profitability – Make more money in less time, less work, and with less stress

Productivity Hacks – how to make more money for less work. In this post you will learn how to be more productive for bigger paydays.


The more productive you are, the more money you make. But the more productive you become, the more you need to manage your stress so you do not burn out from doing too much at one time.

At the same time, the more you manage your stress and the more you feel relaxed and recharged, then the more you can afford to be productive because you have the energy reserves to keep going.

But there are ways to increase your productivity while decreasing the amount of work you do and in less time with less stress for more peace of mind.

This is how you can achieve the lifestyle business that runs on autopilot without you even having to be there. This post will show you how to do that.

Motivation – spark your drive to work and make money

Motivation is key. It is what makes you want to do things. It gets you up in the morning to want to work. When you have motivation, it feels like you have an unlimited energy reserve to keep working for hours on end. But if you do not have motivation, even the smallest tasks feel like a burden and it is hard to even lift a finger.

So what is the secret to motivation? Surprisingly, according to this one medium article, motivation boils down to positive thinking (optimism) and fun.


Yes fun.

The less you think about work as work, the more fun it is. The more you have fun working, the more motivated you are to work. The more you have fun working, the less dreadful work is.


So do you have difficulty getting motivated to work? Simple. Make work fun.

If you are doing the blogging about your passions route that I preach in this site, then you have no boss or supervisor to keep you in tabs. This means you own your time and you work however you want, whenever you want, however much you want. You have freedom to design the kind of work that you do.

So why not make work fun? Have a cat with you? Join him in while you work. Like listening to music. Listen to music while you work. Love video games? Make video games a part of your work day. Play one round of game or games right before you work to get you energized, then when you finish a major task, go play another round of game to reward yourself and get yourself even more energized.

Love being outdoors or in nature? Why not take your laptop outside and relax in the sun while you work. It is all up to you and with blogging this is possible.

5 More Motivational tips for bloggers to help them make more money

Being a blogger is not an easy job unlike what most people believed. In fact, blogging is like running a business. Managing a business is never easy. It is even harder if you are doing it on your own which is what most bloggers do. They do hire external help but most of the time, they do all the work on their own. This work includes creating content regularly, marketing the content, engaging with the audience, researching more ways to monetize their content, and so on. Thus, it is no surprise why there are bloggers who get demotivated even though they love what they do.

Getting things done requires effort and motivation. That is why bloggers find ways to keep themselves motivated. If you are looking for tips to get you motivated to earn more money as a blogger, just keep on reading.

Motivational tip #1 – Never make money the source of your motivation

If you want to make more money, the trick is to never make it your motivation. This may sound contradicting but it is true for the most part. Being a blogger, especially if you are just starting, will put you in a position where you are exerting a lot of effort and not earning a lot. This is true especially since most of the online Ads require at least 6 months of activity and a certain number of monthly visitors before they can be added to the blog. If you make money your motivation, you will likely quit during the first few months of blogging.

Instead of money, you should direct your source of motivation from other aspects. You can stem your motivation from blogging about something that you love. For example, if you love food, then make content about the food that you enjoy. Another motivation source could be the audience that read your content. If you constantly see people engaging in your content, you can use that to hold yourself accountable to continue making content for their sake. Thus, even if you are not earning a lot, you will still have the willpower to push forward and eventually be qualified for ad revenue and other blog monetization opportunities.

Motivational tip #2 – Set a SMART goal

You must have a goal in whatever you do in life and that is the same especially if you want to earn more money for your blog. That is why it is a must that you set a goal for the blog. Do you want to be able to create 5 different types of content every week? Do you aim to get an average of 100 visitors every month? Whatever it is that you want to achieve for your blog, you need to set a goal for it. This is so you will have something to work towards and have pictured a result that you want to reach.

When creating a goal, it must be a SMART one. This means that your goal must be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-bound. If your goal doesn’t bear these qualities, then you have a high chance of not achieving it. Thus, it is best to create goals that you have a high chance of achieving.

Motivational tip #3 – Create a list of task

One of the challenges of running a blog is being able to stay on top of things. Having a goal is one thing but the work that you need to do to attain it is another. Not being able to get on top of things can lead to confusion on what to do and eventually, demotivation. That is why it is recommended that after you have set a goal, you will have to list down the tasks you need to do to achieve it.

For example, your goal is to be able to post 5 blog posts every week. Thus, you need to create a list of 5 topics, research content for it, write the blog posts, find or create videos or images about it, post it on the blog, then share it on social media. Dividing the work into smaller tasks can make it manageable and easy to do. As a result, the blogger will not get overwhelmed in accomplishing the goal and stay motivated.

Motivational tip #4 – Plot out your schedule on a calendar

Creating a goal and breaking it down into a task is not enough. Time is highly essential when you aim to earn more money in any business including blogging. That is why it is recommended to plot out a schedule of your tasks on a calendar.

If you plan on writing 5 blog posts a week, you can plan out the time and day that you will do each task. You can do one specific task a day such as brainstorming and researching topics on Monday, writing the blog posts on Tuesday and Wednesday, and so on. Another idea is to work on one blog post a day. No matter how you choose to schedule your tasks, you must follow them as diligently as you can.

Motivational tip #5 – Don’t fret if you can’t follow your plan

There is a saying that things don’t always go as planned and that is most especially true. Thus, you should not fret if you can’t completely follow the schedule or complete the tasks on time. It is alright to spend a longer time than expected on certain tasks. What is vital is that you are working on the goal and you are making progress. If you find yourself not following the schedule, just stop yourself for a bit and get back to your tasks. There is no need to regret the time that has passed. What you need is to get back to working on your blog now.

Get more motivated and make more money

Getting motivated is not easy, however, it is possible when you follow these tips. An additional piece of advice is that nothing is easy in life especially if it is about making more money. Thus, the difficulty of managing a blog shouldn’t demotivate you. Instead, make it a source of motivation by thinking that the more difficulties you overcome, the closer you are to your blogging goal.

Productivity gets results for more income

The more productive you are, the more income you will make. Simple right? But how do you become productive? Luckily there is a greatest secret to productivity.

What is that one secret to productivity?

The greatest secret to productivity is doing less.


Yes less.

Less is more productive.

The more focused you are on one thing, the more likely you are to finish that thing. The more you finish something the more productive you are. Half-finishing many things is not productive no matter how many things those are. It’s like getting one college degree is better than halfway doing 10 college degrees but only finishing any. That one college degree that you finish is what counts.

Look at your to do list today.

The most ideal thing is to only have one task to do today. Two max.

How many things do you have in your to do list?

So focus on one thing at a time.


Prioritization for greater profitability

But you say that you have so many things to do? Still, out of all the tasks you need to do, you have to choose one to do at a time.

Not all tasks are created equal. Some are more urgent than others, some are more important than others. Prioritize the ones that are both urgent and important. That is priority number one.

Priority number two is the ones urgent but not important.

Priority number three is the one that is important but not urgent so you can afford to push it off to later, but just remember to finish it when later comes.

Lastly, priority four is the one that is not urgent and also not important. In fact, you might be able to get away with not doing this task at all.

This concept is the prioritization matrix and I took it from the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey.


Time management for higher income per hour

Secret to time management is shorter work intervals. Work in 10 minute bursts.

This counteracts Parkinson’s Law. Parkinson’s Law states that you fill up the time you allot to your work. So if you allot 8 hours to do a one page paper, then you will most likely fill up that entire 8 hours to do that one page paper.

But the best part about this strategy? Long breaks. Really longs breaks. I mean hours of break time. Now this is the lifestyle I would want. Give me 10 minute work day and hours of break time any day.

This does not mean you get to be lazy though. You need to be disciplined. The 10 minute burst means it is a burst. You work to the best of your ability in that short 10 minute window so that you get to deserve the hours of break time.

Plus if you think of 10 minutes it doesn’t feel that bad. At least not compared to 8 hours. So you are more likely to do a 10 minute work since it is only 10 minutes after all. So since you are more willing to start seeing as 10 minutes is not that intimidating, then you beat procrastination in the process. After the 10 minutes is over then you will not be tied to that task then you get to do whatever you want. You might even be motivated to finish that task in less than 10 minutes.

But if you imagine tying up your time for 8 hours at a time, then that feels depression and demotivating.


Delegating tasks for auto profits

Another hack to time management? Delegate time consuming tasks to other people and pay them for it.

My most favorite task to delegate is the drafting stage of the writing process. I can the everything else but getting that word count up for that post is really time consuming, even though I could do it if I sat down to do it. But I would rather delegate that task, and hey other people get paid too.

Some key tips when delegating are make your instructions step by step specific and make your instructions profitable. Make sure the tasks are valuable in terms of generating revenue.

People you hire don’t know or care if it will be profitable for you as long as it pays them. So why not maximize the money you will get back from investing in hiring other people?

Stress less to earn more

Remember the motivation section at the beginning? If you did that right then you wouldn’t need too much work on this section on stressing less.

But just in case, we’ll cover it quickly.

Meditation is the best way to reducing stress fast. If you do not know how to meditate, it is simple. Just sit still, relax, and focus on your breath or focus on something you can look at for a long period of time that is not a screen, like the clouds or trees for example.

Then just keep still and relax for ten minutes. Enjoy the relaxation and breathe easy. Then that is it.

Beat anxiety for a calm mind and healthy income

Set goals for fun and profit

Remember when we talked about motivation at the beginning of this post about the importance of having fun? There is another element that will improve your motivation and that is setting goals. The clearer your goals are the better.

In fact you want your goals to be SMART. SMART stands for specific, measurable, actionable, realistic, and timely. The more that your goal has these qualities, the better you will get motivated in finishing them.

So always think of having fun and having a goal.

Think of your major tasks as a game with an objective that you race against time with a limit of 10 minutes each.

Goal setting increases motivation.



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