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About the Product

How to Get Free Traffic from Reddit Effectively

Who doesn’t want to get a lot of traffic to their website? I’m sure we all want the same thing. Traffic can be pretty hard to achieve sometimes and you might even have to pay just to get them. But don’t worry, because there are also ways to get free traffic for free! Have you heard about Reddit? If you did, I bet you haven’t used it yet or if you tried you must have thought that it doesn’t look like it makes sense unlike the other platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Just a quick explanation, if you visit Reddit it just looks like a random outdated message board. Also, this platform gives off the impression of having heartless users because of its usual controversial topics. Despite all these, Reddit is considered a good source of traffic generation. It can be used to grow one’s impressions, visibility, and following.

You might ask, “But how??”

Despite Reddit being a little complicated and meaningless the first time you try it, after some time, you’ll really see the potential of it and that’s what are we discuss in this article but first, let’s know what is Reddit and what is its use.

What is Reddit?

Reddit was made in 2005 and it grew until now that it’s about 51 million users and a million different communities. Sounds like a lot right? Yes, and it doesn’t end that. These users are also highly engaged! Despite Reddit having aggressive users, don’t worry, Reddit isn’t a toxic platform. Reddit is a platform where anyone can post a text or what they call “self-posts” most of these posts are originally made by the users. And since it’s original content, it can really help you drive traffic to your website. Redditors or other users can react to one’s self-post whether they upvote it or downvote. They call this Karma. If you have a high upvote it will help you get more visibility and potentially more traffic. So, what you have to do is to make sure that you post valuable and unique content that can help you attract more Upvote. What I explained is just a mere explanation of how Reddit works however you still need to see it in a few months to thoroughly understand the platform. Now that you know how Reddit works, let’s now go to the main topic, Howe to get free traffic from Reddit? How to Get Free Traffic from Reddit Effectively

Join and Engage

If you don’t know anything about Reddit, I’ll tell you that it is a platform that hates marketing! If you create an account and then market your service or product, you’ll easily get spammed. Now, how can you use it for traffic if it hates marketing? Like any other customers, Reddit wants you to earn its trust first before being able to gain visibility to get traffic to your site. You can do this by the means of subreddits. Joining and engaging is the first and most difficult part of this process because you’ll spend most of your time with this. You can start engaging by posting to subreddit groups.

Start posting

After you’re done engaging with a specific subreddit. After a month Reddit will probably give you the capability to post on your own. This is where you can start mentioning your website and drive them into it by posting valuable content specifically on your chosen subreddit group. After a month of engaging, I’m sure you already found out what content each subreddit wants to see, use this observation to attract more Upvotes to your self-post. For example, you want to get more traffic on your website and you want your audience to be readers. You can visit a subreddit group that specifically has book-lovers, readers, etc. And if you create unique content about what they desire, you’ll surely attract them more.

Make a link submission

This is the time to do the marketing technique and also to add your website to each of your posts. Every subreddit will only let 25 submissions per page so when you get the chance to post, make sure that you will stand out among the rest. If you want to have a stand-out post, make sure to optimize everything. Optimize the title, introduction up to the conclusion, and call to action. Make the title eye-catching and interesting for readers to continue to the introduction, make the introduction fun, and so on. Since Reddit is known for having critical users, you must really impress them with your content to stand out. If you want more hacks and tips on how to optimize your posts, I’ll give you some. Capitalization For your post to be seen and gets more attraction, you can capitalize your entire title. This is a technique used by many Redditors in order to have more visibility. Or if your content has important notes, you can capitalize the valuable words that they need to remember. This makes the post easier to read too. Tags Just like Instagram, your Reddit post can also gain more visibility if you use tags. It is basically a list of keywords that most people search for and when you include this to your post, it’s more certain that they find your post. If you check other user’s tags you can see them in brackets. You can use them as a guide on what tags you can use as well. Do you understand now how to use Reddit to get free traffic? It surely is hard at first because of all the commitment you have to spend on the platform but the more you stick with it you’ll know how these other users can help you grow your traffic and how relevant your audience is going to be. So, just be committed in the first few months and you’ll see a dramatic result that can help you afterward.

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