Selling your own products and services – How to get more orders from sales of your services like Fiverr and make more money

This post will help you if you are monetizing your website with your own products and services. You can also use this as a Fiverr seller to get more orders from your gigs since the same principles apply. Building trust with your readers is the same process. Hopefully you will learn something new and implement them. This is tried and true and proven to work. Let’s get started.

1 Have your own website and blog and post your gigs and services on there

Whether your site is free or paid, the most important thing is having a site that you control so you can post all your fiverr gig links and services on there and be able to post content that show your expertise, credibility, and authority for people to choose your service over other competitors.

You can use free sites or you can preferably set up your own paid site with your own domain and hosting which is more recommended. The best way is to buy your own domain and hosting.

But let’s say you want to set up your site for free for now. You can simply google free website builder and you will come up with brands like Wix, or or Blogspot or Weebly. You can read up on which one is best for you but I have experience with Wix and they are fine to start with. Then you go through the process of making your free site which should be easy since you do not have the set up.

If you want the best route to owning your own site by buying your own professional domain and hosting, then you will want to learn more as it does get a bit more detailed. But it still easy once you know how.

Plus simply the fact of having your own website boosts your credibility already because not many are willing to invest in having their own site so it puts you ahead of a lot of competition just by having a website.

2 Post high quality and original content that establish your expertise and authority

Posts should be well researched, insightful, and show how much of an expert you are at delivering your service. If you are a logo designer for example, you may want to write a post about how to make good logo designs that show in detail and step by step how you go through the process of making a good quality original logo design. This will show your expertise and if readers want to save time and hassle from making their own logos, then when you share your gig, they will go to you for advice and use your service so you can make it for them.

Now why don’t most people do this? Because again writing high quality original content takes a lot of time and effort and skill. If you have the budget for it, you can hire a professional writer to create this awesome content for you. But if you do not, then you will have to create it yourself but it will take time, energy and skill.

Let’s say you want to do it yourself. How do you go about doing it? There is a simple process to creating great content that will establish your credibility and make people wanting to buy from you.

This process goes like this: a) research a topic in your niche that people want to learn about using tools like SemRush to find profitable keywords, b) read up on the leading articles about that topic from top publishers such as on BuzzFeed, c) draft the writing using Word being careful to use your own words and give insight using your own personal experiences and insights you gained from your reading the top articles, and finally d) publish the content on your blog setting it up to be SEO optimized.

3 Get more people seeing your links – how to increase your traffic and engagement

The more people see your fiverr gig link, the more chances of people ordering from you. And the more people like the content that you put out in your site and content posts as in tip #1 and tip #2 above, then the more likely that people will order from you.

But where do you get these people to see your link? Where do you post your link so people see them? This is tricky because most people especially starters want to get traffic for free. The best and fastest way to get traffic to your link is to pay for traffic but most people do not have that budget. If you want free methods, then it will take time and effort from you to post your links.

The way most people do it is just spamming their links in fiverr facebook groups This Is bad. This is not what you want to do. You can post on fiverr facebook groups, but you want to do it the right way. Look back to tip number two where you are posting high quality and original content that establish your expertise and authority.

Not only do you want to post high quality content within your own website, but you want to post high quality content outside of your own website as well so that you earn the backlink back to your site and therefore fiverr gig. This is what I mean by this strategy taking hard work and effort. This is why they say time an time again that “Content is King” on the internet. Creating content is hard work and takes time, so if you can afford it then I highly recommend hiring a professional writer to work for you so you don’t have to and you can just copy paste the content after it is delivered to you.

But if you wrote your own content then you will want to post it on facebook groups where people are discussing your niche and where your potential customers are hanging out. For example, for people wanting to buy new logo designs, then these are people that are most likely startup entrepreneurs. Look for facebook groups of startup entrepreneurs and join them. Then post an excerpt of the content you made, BUT do not link it back directly to your site.

This is the secret trick you want to use. Facebook is sneaky with hiding links that have been posted directly on the post. What you want to do is to have the main post just be text. THEN add your link in the comment section as the first comment in that post. This way, this post will show up in people’s feed and they will see it. If it contains a link right away, then the facebook algorithm will hide that post because it will think you are spam and people will not see your hard work.

Another place to post is in Quora. Quora is a question and answer site. But again be very careful not to spam. Quora will remove and ban you if your posts on their site are low quality, content very little useful content, and just a gig link. You want to always deliver high quality, valuable, insightful, and original content. Provide value to people first and they will welcome you with open arms. Post your high quality content as answers to questions on Quora and link back within your post back the site you made in tip #1 which contain the high quality blog post you made in tip #2.

This is hard work, but it is hard work that works and it has proven itself time and time again.

4 Bonus tip – make money from ad revenue by using networks like Adsense

I know you want to make money with orders from your Fiverr gig but you cannot go wrong with making money from ad revenue. You may or may not have heard of Adsense, but it is a piece of code you put it your own website so that it displays ads and you make money when people see and click on those ads. This is why it is best to have your own website and be posting high quality content. Adsense only allows independent domains and original content to be approved for their program. Why do you want to display ads? To make money of course. Even if people don’t order your gigs, they visited your website. This helps make you money from the traffic even if they did not order your gig. It increases your chances of making money so why not do it as long as you have your own site and original content.

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