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What is motivation? Even if you have all the technical knowledge, formulas, or blueprints, you will not get anywhere if you do not produce results. And results are produced through hard work and hard work takes energy.

Most people have a certain amount of energy throughout the day. Some people have more energy than others. But for all of us, energy is finite until fatigue sets in. There are many ways of increasing this energy. One of those is motivation.

On the other hand too, if you do not have motivation to do something, then no matter how much energy you have, you will not be able to direct that energy properly to accomplishing that task. So energy, work, motivation, and results all tie in together.

You may have a lot responsibilities on your plate that consume your energy. You might be in school with a lot of academic work, or you might have a lot of chores at home to do on top of other things like cooking or cleaning, or you might even have a professional job, and on top of that you responsibilities as a romantic partner or spouse that demand your time and attention. Not to mention you also might have a kid or kids you need to take care of. Plus other extra things you have outside of these things like hobbies or duties to your community like church. You might even have a business or are starting a business on the side where it demands hard work from you and financial investment with no certainty of success. There are so many things that can take up your time and energy. So at the end of the day, is it any wonder why you feel tired and unmotivated to do other things you feel you need to do to accomplish your ultimate goals in life.

Compounded with a poor sleep quality or poor resting environment, then you are not able to recharge properly. And during the next day, you do not feel recharged and you start the day off already sluggish and unmotivated. But you need to keep going and keep working o do the things you need to do as mentioned earlier to keep up with your responsibilities in your current life. Not being able to recharge and rest properly to re-energize yourself is the reason why most people go into a downward spiral into depression and other mental health issues. When you go down to that dark place mentally, it can be very difficult to come back from it and may even require professional help or even medication. While this site is not meant to give professional advice medically, it can give you tools to equip you to make good decisions before those mental health issues even take place. It is good for prevention and your overall wellness so you live a vibrant and thriving quality of life instead of feeling like you are always in survival mode being tired all the time trying so hard to just get through the day unable to get a break in life.

Even if you are already in that dark place in life, I am here to tell you there is hope. But it is best to always start even when you are perfectly healthy to boost your prevention efforts and deter those nasty experiences of life from ever overcoming you.

But no matter what, you are here to know and understand how to keep your motivation up during these often difficult times and achieve your goals to become more successful.

Time Management

The tricky thing with time is that not all time is created equal. This is because not all work is created equal.

In physics, the concept of energy, work, and power are all linked. Work is energy exerted in terms of a unit of measurement called joules. But what is power? The equation of power is that power is work over time. And power is measured in terms of watts in physics. This is where time comes in. The more power a certain task needs, then the less time you need for that task to exert a large amount work. In other words you have to work hard in short burst, and this depletes your energy at a faster rate. So it is important to note the amount of work a task needs over a period of time so you are not doing too many of these at short intervals from each other. You need to recharge your energy reserves between these “power burst” tasks.

This is the trick with time management. People often think too linearly about time as it relates to productivity. It is not always so much about the time, but the work and energy exerted over a certain period of time, and the energy needed to recharge between these period of work.

People think they can save certain blocks of time not taking into account the amount of energy needed to be exerted during that period of time. And they mistakenly put those tasks in short intervals between each other. Then they wonder why they feel so tired all the time and feel so unmotivated to do the other things they have to do. Am I lazy? What am I doing wrong?

If you do not figure out the concept in physics of energy and work as they relate to time, they you will make the mistake of doing these power burst tasks next to each other and you reach burn out. Burn out is bad. Burn out can lead to depression and to that downward spiral toward that dark pit of mental illness that can be difficult to get out of. Some people are burned out and they do not even realize they are burned out and you see them just going through the routine in a lifeless, cheerless, dead, zombie-like fashion. While some people have better coping capabilities compared to others, you always have the choice to prevent it far ahead of when burn out should happen.


So you know you have a limited energy reserve, and you now understand the concept of “power bursts” where you need more time to recharge between each burst if more work is exerted in a short period of time. But you need to get a lot of stuff done to accomplish the big things, so what do you do? You cannot do all of them at once or you will burn out. So what you do is prioritize.

From the book called The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People that popularized it, there is a concept of prioritization. This prioritization setting framework is one where you visualize a box divided into four equal boxes inside called the four quadrants. On one side is called Important and on the other side is called Urgent. Now one of each of the four boxes represents a combination of whether they are or are not important or urgent. Box 1 represents Important AND Urgent. Box 2 is Important but NOT Urgent. Box 3 is NOT Important BUT Urgent. And Box 4 is NEITHER Important NOR Urgent. Each task you need to do will be placed in one of these four boxes.

This helps you see visually what tasks you need to prioritize over other tasks. You need to prioritize what is in Box 1 first, followed by Box 2, and so on. Box 4 being last, and usually associated with pleasurable activities or even downright destructive like drugs and alcohol or other shenanigans. The more you do the tasks in Box 4, the more unproductive you most likely are.

Saying “No”

Often times as go getters who feel we need to get stuff done all the time, it can be hard to say no to a lot of tasks, responsibilities, and offers that take up your time and energy. This is especially when the offers come from your friends and family. Just think of what they might think if you say no to them. While it is never okay to neglect your children or your spouse, there is a fine line you need to draw where you have to say no or “not yet” to things that may not be that urgent or important.

Importance to entrepreneurship, startup, self-employment, and business

No matter where you are in your journey to learning and building the ideal business for you, motivation is always an important topic you need to get on top of. You may be beginning in your journey to knowing the technical details of getting a successful and profitable businesses before you are even making money. Motivation is important for you in this case to start learning and continue to keep learning so that you fully understand the steps you need to take to start and build your money making business to provide for your lifestyle and your family’s lifestyle.

Then once you finish learning initially and are finally making money from your business, you are now in the stage where you need to grow your business from a budding enterprise to a more stable business that actually will provide for you and your family financially for years to come. This stage still requires motivation and hard work. That is why motivation is so important to learn and keep on top of all the time since it is easy to slip up once you have a taste of success.

While most people aim to get passive income ultimately since that most likely is a primary reason for someone to want to build their own business, it actually takes hard work to get to that point where you are employing staff to do most or ideally all of the work for you. In the startup phase of your business, unless you have the funds to hire staff, you are going to have to do a lot of the day to day stuff that keep a business profitable especially the marketing, the management, and operations.

While regular rest and relaxation is vital, it is tempting to relax for an unnecessarily extended period of time which kill your motivation since you get too used to being complacent and you fall into laziness. Complacency can be one reason why most small businesses are unable to fully grow into big business empires (although not the only reason).

Goal setting for boosting motivation

According to a famous author by the name of Locke, goal setting is highly correlated to boosting your productivity. It was shown through his studies that the better and clearer your goals are, the more motivated you are in achieving them and the more productive you will be.

You may or may not have heard of the SMART method of setting goals. For those familiar with it, it may seem like a repetitive thing to hear all over again. People repeat SMART a lot and you hear it in many personal development books and communities. But that is because it works. SMART is an acronym for specific, measurable, actionable, realistic, and timely.

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