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How to profit from your blog fast with these monetization strategies

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About the owner: Jif Neal holds a masters focusing on health administration and has been a digital marketer since 2015 and lives at Los Angeles, California with his wife, daughter, and cat. He earns $1000+ per month from his websites. On his free time, he enjoys playing video games and reading enlightening books.

Ways to Make You Money as a Content Creator

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Google has become our go-to whenever we need an answer to any question, no matter how random. We’ve been relying heavily on the Internet since its creation. Because of the Internet, we have easier access to information.

And the spread of knowledge has become more frequent because of content creators who talk about anything ranging from their favorite tops to the 10 ways you can earn more money.

Speaking of earning more money, becoming a content creator is a great source of income. Making money as a content creator is becoming quite popular.

But not a lot of people understand how to make money through this job. Anyone can become a content creator. And you can talk about anything! You can talk about finance and college or lifestyle. It all depends on you and your passion.

If you have an established platform, your income drastically increases. Who doesn’t want that?

However, becoming an established content creator isn’t as easy it sounds. You have to be able to catch the eye of your audience.

But that’s nothing to worry about. Not if you read this guide on the 3 ways you can make money as a content creator.

What is a content creator?

If you create appealing and engaging content for your viewers, you’re considered a content creator. Content can be about anything as long as it’s appropriate. It can be educational. It can be entertaining.

And there are a lot of platforms where you can start creating content. You can join Instagram and post about your favorite books. You can create a website. The sky’s the limit when it comes to content creating!

The Different Types of Content You Can Create

To familiarize yourself with content creation, you have to know the different types of content you can create.

1. Content for Social Media

There are tons of social media platforms available for you. These include Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and more.

These social media platforms give you the chance to create eye-catching content that’ll garner you some views. This is one of the most popular ways to create content. Those who create YouTube videos for instance are content creators that utilize social media.

2. Content for Your Website

You might not feel comfortable with social media. And that’s completely fine. There are other options. One of these options includes creating content for websites.

Your website can be about anything and everything. To make sure you draw in viewers, you have to be able to create content that is engaging and fun. Highlight keywords and use these phrases or words around 3 to 5 times for each article.

3. Content for Your Blog

If you have a brand or a business, it is best to create a blog about it. Here, you can provide information regarding the services you offer or the products you sell.

Blogs help people understand different things like how to set up a credit card. You can start a blog and talk about travel and lifestyle or finance. These are all great choices.

3 Ways to Make Money as a Content Creator

On to the fun part. Making money as a content creator. Here’s how to make money.

There are 3 great ways and these will surely help you kickstart your journey to becoming and making money as a content creator.

1. Advertisement

A popular way content creators earn money is by advertising products. You receive payment for promoting a third-party individual or a business’s product. There are 3 forms of advertising and we’ll discuss each.

The first form would be AdSense. AdSense allows your website to monetize traffic by showing ads on behalf of Google. Whenever you read a blog and find an ad that says “best moisturizer” for instance, the creator of the website earns a commission.

They retain a percentage of the ad revenue Google earns. AdSense uses CPC or Cost Per Click and CPM or Cost Per Thousand Impressions to see how much a website owner will earn.

Next up we have the brand sponsorships. If you promote someone’s brand, they’ll pay you a certain amount of money. The more popular you are, the more the brands will want to hire you.

If you amass thousands or even millions of viewers, brands will likely want you to promote their product.

Finally, we have the affiliate links. You paste a link onto your website and promote that product.

Every time someone clicks on your link and buys, you get a part of the sales. To get you started, join the Amazon Affiliates Program.

2. Donations

You might have generous supporters who want to help you along the way.

If so, you can make use of programs like Patreon and ask for donations.

Fervent followers and fans might be willing to share some pocket money and donate it.

3. Sales

Last but not least, we have sales-based income. If you have a product or a service, it is ideal to start a blog about it and offer your services there.

It’s kind of like a mini-Amazon except it only sells your products and services. Every time someone buys from you in exchange for whatever you offer, you earn income and you get to profit from it.


1. How much money do content creators make?

In the United States, the average salary of a content creator is $46,650 per year. However, the more popular you get and the more well-known, the higher your salary is.

2. Is it hard to become a content creator?

Let’s face it. Everything’s hard. From letting go of your parent’s hand as you enter the classroom for your first day of school to finding a job, earning enough, and excelling at it, everything is hard and requires hard work.

It is easy to become a content creator. But to become a successful one is a different situation altogether. To earn enough money to have content creating as your full-time job, you’ll need to create engaging and captivating content and lure in viewers.

Then, you can use 1 or more of the 3 ways mentioned above to make more money and earn income.

The Takeaway

Becoming a successful content creator is even easier now that we have the Internet and social media platforms. A lot of people have access to the Internet therefore, you have tons of potential viewers.

But, getting them to view your content requires you to be creative and show that you are unique. We hope that you’ve found this guide on how to make money useful.

Content creating is a great source of income and a lot of people even do it full-time. All it takes is a dash of imagination, a pinch of creativity, and tons of hard work.

(Launching: Jul 7, 2021 @1100 EST)


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