Introduction – $35+ per day, Jif retires young, makes money online blogging, and shows you his blueprint

This is a short story of how I was able to make $35+ per day online from blogging in passive income.

It is pretty much everyone’s dream to have passive income. To be able to not have to actively work and still make money. To set something up once and see the income roll in when you rest and relax after. Let me show you how I did it.


I know having passive income was my own dream especially back when I was seventeen years old when a lot of people ask you what you want to do with your life. But that dream did not come true until 10 years later when I finally took the plunge to diving full force into making money online.

At that time I made that decision to build my passive income dream, I made a soul searching journey while traveling then I burned bridges behind me so it was do or die to make money online or not, which is a different story on its own.

I went the traditional schooling route of college and even grad school to get a traditional job so that I have a safety net when doing risky ventures. After, I found my success in online business through blogging. This is how I did it and I believe it is one of the best if not the best way to build passive income online.

There are many ways to build passive income and the best way for you will depend on your personality, tastes, and preferences. And of course there is no guarantee you will earn anything as with any business startups. But the internet sure makes it much easier than ever before.

My short story to income online

So how did I do it? Basically through online publishing. Otherwise called blogging. But to call it publishing online is more accurate. It not only sounds more professional, but you are also tapping into an age-old business model that has proven itself time and time again.

It is just the medium has changed from physical print medium into the digital medium of the internet. The principles remain the same which is good for us so that we can learn from what already works.

But thanks to online publishing through blogging, I now earn income online just with my laptop and an internet connection. I do not have to answer to a boss or be stuck in traffic going to work or have my time tied up to obligations of a traditional job. I can work however I want to on projects that I love. That is priceless in itself.

If you notice, this site reads very much life a personal blog or lifestyle blog. But basically, it is where I jot down my ideas but they will mostly be informative since a lot of what I do is researching new things online and documenting on it. Of course from what I learned in my masters program it is very important to cite your sources. So whenever I bring up something like a tool or resource that is from an external source then I will mention it in the references section.

But you should read it like a business story, or case study, of how one person (me) made money with this business model. Then you can experiment with the methods I use for yourself to see if it would work for you too (though disclaimer I cannot guarantee positive results as with any business venture after all takes risk and has uncertainty).

Conversationally speaking for easy money

All in all, I write conversationally in a way that is easy to understand for almost everyone. I also may not care too much about grammar or spelling as much as the English major, but I do my best to polish it, although it is not my priority.

My priority is purely knowledge. If grammar and spelling hinder the dissemination of that knowledge then I will correct it, but otherwise I write plainly and simply so that even I can understand it easily when I backtrack to my documented journey, although I might ramble sometimes since I am writing what comes to mind.

But that Is what makes writing for me enjoyable because it is like talking to a friend face to face or in a chat room where I can divulge anything I want. And I hope it is enjoyable for you to read because it does not get too technical at all and if it does get technical then I will surely slow it down so that I also understand what I am saying.

Treasures inside – What drew you here

So what drew you to reading this site? I bet it is the retiree makes money online portion. And this is by design. One of the main dreams after all of most people is to make money online in order to retire and build that passive income so that they can live their dream lifestyle. This was my dream especially when I was much younger. It Is a major issue for most people.

You see it everywhere and everyday and it is an epidemic. People stuck in jobs they hate just to pay the bills. Or they may just be stuck in jobs they hate because they do not know themselves too well and what they like and what they do not like and have not experimented enough to discover what work they find fulfilling for them. While others are stuck due to fear of uncertainty.

This leads people down an unfulfilling life and it has a negative impact on all of society. It is usually in people’s career that they are the most unfulfilled. If you are unfulfilled and discontent with your life then it spreads to other people especially your friends and your family and lead to a domino effect that impact your larger community and society as a whole.

The less content people are, the more irritable they are, and the more likely they will do bad things and make regrettable decisions that can lead them to a downward spiral in life.

So, I want to help you find work that is fulfilling for you and how you can use the internet as the way to make it a reality. Because in a way it helps me too. It creates a more positive community overall for all of us to live in. My lifestyle is also dependent on your lifestyle.

As you read and learn about the stuff in here, always keep in mind your preferences and your passions. Tailor them to how you feel they would fit best in your life.

Make money doing what you love

It should not be that way. There are many ways and avenues and niches you can build a business online. What is most beautiful to me is when a person truly finds their gift and calling and is able to monetize it through online publishing.

You see, online publishing even though it is one proven business model that I advocate for, it the most flexible and adaptable business models I can think of.

You see all kinds of topics and interests that people publish online. In fact just think of the content you consume yourself.

People publish online content on video games, lifestyle, foods, travel, pets, romance, relationships, marriage, parenting, cooking, home décor, home improvement, real estate, cars, gadgets, technology, computers, clothing, fashion, RV living, big house living, beach house living, skincare, beauty, make up, sports, basketball, fitness, health, wellness, mental health, and so much more that I cannot even think of on the top of my head.

Basically produce content on what you love, then drive traffic to that content while monetizing it with ads. That is the most basic way to make money in my opinion but its simplicity is its beauty.

Don’t like producing content? No problem, you can hire people to produce the content for you. Hate marketing and traffic generation? No problem, just outsource it to a marketing manager. But above all you need to make sure you are generating revenue. It would be wise if you have startup capital already but it does not have to be a lot to get you going and started.

This is why online publishing is the greatest way to make money and you also feel great knowing that you are delivering beneficial valuable content to other people that will likely improve their lives.

Online publishing (ie blogging) for profits

Again, you can basically write and produce content that you are passionate about and monetize it easily through display ads. It is as simple as that.

I did go through a master’s program which helped me hone my skills of researching and writing. While this was a great advantage for me, it is by no means a requirement for you to get started.

The biggest trick though is in finding that topic that you are passionate about, love to learn about, and are crazy obsessed about that you only think about it day and night twenty four seven of your waking life. Think about how easy working would be if you were focusing on that thing you love to do already and then making money from that. It is possible.

We will go through the technical details whenever possible since that is the secret sauce that most people are missing in order to monetize their passion.

But technical parts aside, if you get that down it is pretty much easy. But again, the biggest trick is in finding that topic you would want to write about. I would not even worry too much if it has an audience. Because if you have a passion for it, then most likely there are a group of people who share the same passions as you and would want to read what you have to offer and contribute.

Because the important thing is in producing and publishing that unique, original, and high quality content with your own insights. This is highly accelerated by doing what you love.

With blogging, you do not have to be salesy either. Being salesy just turns people off. Later on you can sell your own products but it does not have to be your priority. Your priority should be in engaging with your readers through your content.

Make sure to research, write, and publish high quality content to people on your site for free then drive traffic to that content in your site through free traffic methods or paid traffic methods. I advocate paid traffic methods because they are much easier to monetize and scale faster. Free traffic methods take too much effort and time for my taste, but you can try it out for yourself.

And even with paid methods, a lot of people over complicate it. It does not have to be complicated. The simpler the better. You just have to know the basic principles.

Reason why you can make this money

You need to understand how you are able to make the amount of money you are making with this method. That reason you are making money blogging is that you are delivering value to your visitors who are real people. This value in the form of well researched informative answers that solve their real world problems through your blog posts.

People would have normally paid for these answers in books and courses, but you offer it to them for free in exchange for you showing them ads so you can get revenue back.

These people would have to research by scouring the internet taking their time looking at various different sources. But you made that process easier for them by bringing the scattered information into one neat package as a single blog post in your site completely organized, easy to read, and simple to put into action to help them solve their problems.

This is the value you bring to people to justify the money you are making as a blogger, researcher, writer, and publisher.

This is how I make $35+ per day online from blogging in passive income. I know I am bringing value to people so I am not ashamed to get money back in return.


After all is said and done, many people may still not believe that this online income thing through blogging is possible. But I have seen it for myself and I am living it. Money is important. But is not always about the money. There is more meaning to life as you will find out or already found out but money gives you the power to experience more of that meaning especially by allowing you to do what you love and make money doing it.

If even just one person reading this implements it and gets positive results making a living for themselves and doing positive good for society instead of acting shady doing nothing productive with their lives, then that is enough for me.

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