Free traffic for starter income – How to get free traffic using no-cost methods like Joint Ventures when you are just starting out online and other free methods

If you want free traffic online then you are in the right place.

Free traffic includes: forum marketing, blog post commenting, Quora question and answers, joint ventures, affiliate traffic, and more.

There are many ways to get free traffic and we will cover them more in depth but I will introduce you to one of the main powerful methods of free traffic and that is with Joint Ventures. What are joint ventures, also known as JV or JVs? How can it help make you money online? Joint ventures are an old and proven method to revenue generation particularly for those with no money or they are just starting out.


One of the biggest mistakes startup entrepreneurs make is investing money too fast trying to see if they can gamble their way to profits. They should be able to make use of free resources first and generate revenue with free methods before slowly transitioning into paid methods. This is especially true with traffic. If you cannot be profitable with free methods first, there is a high chance you cannot be profitable with paid methods.

JVing is especially great when you are bootstrapped in your business and have little to no money to work with, as in if you have no budget for paid ads.

This is because joint venturing is where you pay someone a commission after the fact such as when you acquire the customer. This is very synonymous with affiliate marketing or CPA or cost per acquisition marketing. You only pay someone after you make the money in the first place. So you do not need our own money up front.

You get traffic without the cost or feeling like you are gambling using pay per click ads.

There is an art and science to this because joint venturing is basically a concept and there are so many creative ways you can use this strategy to your advantage.

Key elements that make up an effective joint venture are:

  1. Finding and approaching partners
  2. Having a convincing JV page
  3. Having a commission-based offer

“Why not just use PayPal to sell my products and not have to share commissions?”

You might be thinking why bother getting partners when you can keep more of the money for yourself? You can make money with PayPal by selling your own products in your own site and using PayPal as the buy button to process the payments from your customers when they buy that product. This is a good beginner way to start selling online and start making money online using PayPal as one of those tools as one part in a larger strategy. In this way you don’t have to split the money you make with anyone and keep more of it for yourself. But why not use this method? Without getting partners to help you to promote, it will be hard for you to get free traffic to your offers.

The bad thing about using just PayPal as your payment processor is that you are not able to take advantage of recruiting affiliate marketers and splitting revenue with them automatically to pay out commissions to them when they promote your products for you. I would suggest if you have your own product that you are trying to sell through PayPal that you think about using affiliate networks like JVZoo, WarriorPlus, or ClickBank. These networks are where you can list your product for sale and other affiliates can potentially find your product and request to promote it for you in return for commissions.

This way is called Joint Venturing and you are essentially partnering with other people where they drive traffic to your offers where otherwise you would not have been able to do just by yourself.

But no matter what you will want to have your own website. This might sound complicated but it really is not. There are so many guides out there and I suggest this cheap, fast, and easy step by step method to starting your very own blog that can potentially earn you a decent living.

Finding and approaching joint venture partners for profit

Affiliate marketing is easy once you already have an audience. That means you have an email list which is a list of people you promote can promote affiliate products to. Once you have that list set up, then affiliate marketing is indeed easy. But most gurus do not tell you is that the the hard part is getting that audience in the first place. There are free and paid methods of getting this list. You can do free methods of getting that audience but that will take time and effort. Or you can pay to advertise to an audience but of course that will take money. So it all involves risk in the end as with any business. For most people they will want to know how to use the free methods. What is the best free method? Joint ventures.

Joint ventures are very similar and almost synonymous to most with affiliate marketing. It has a lot in common with affiliate marketing but it also has certain distinguishing characteristics. While affiliate marketing takes a more “shotgun” approach where you blast your offers to as many affiliates (acting as your sales people) as possible, joint ventures is a more one-to-one approach with a partner.

This partner will have something you do not have. Typically if you own a product but do not have traffic to your offers, then your partner will ideally have traffic that they can drive to your offer, and that partner will earn commission in terms of percentage of sales made as incentive for them to do so.

Go to a product launch calendar site like to see all possible products that are about to launch. The people you want to target are the sellers of these products. If you go to their JV pages for their products, you will notice they mention reciprocation. This is to entice you to promote their offers and in exchange they will promote yours.

You can approach these product owners and ask them to joint venture with you as well. The benefit of doing this one-to-one approach is that these people are super affiliates with already established email lists that they can promote to. If you get to joint venturing with one of these folks, you may just make bank overnight when they promote to their list with your offer.

On top of approaching the product owners, perhaps an even better way is to use Muncheye to list your own products on there in order to attract affiliates to you. The problem with this approach is that you will get a lot of low-quality affiliates. These affiliates are just starting out and most likely do not have their own list to market to. They may even be just starting out building their own lists. Be careful with some of these affiliates because they can use unethical marketing methods and your name just might get linked to that scheme.

But there are things you need before approaching such as having a convincing JV page for your product and having a great offer for that product.

This joint venture strategy is amazing and some business owners even use it as the main way they make money even though they use paid methods. This is because it is so effective if done right. This website, DadJV blog, is named as such because of this method.

If you want to know the effective way of doing joint ventures, then you will want to learn more and master this strategy on your own and I highly encourage you to do so and study is as a concept combined with case studies.

Having a convincing JV page

Go to JVZoo, Clickbank, WarriorPlus or other competing products that have corresponding JV pages and get inspiration on how they set up their own JV pages. Your JV page does not really have to be all that fancy or complicated. In fact, the simpler it is, the better since it is easier on the eyes.

But what you want are the important key elements. These include the product itself, where the affiliates will get their affiliate link, and where they can get their affiliate tools.

Having a commission-based offer

It is important you have an offer to show potential affiliates and JVs. This will draw them to your offer making your offer really attractive. High commissions are typical and they vary between 50% to 75%. Some even go up to 100%.

Prices also very from $7 all the way up to $197 but hover around $27 for a front end offer.

But money is not all there is to it. You should also offer quality of life tools.

These include but are not limited to: affiliate tools, free ready-made swipe files, affiliate contests with cool prizes like vacations to exotic places, cash prizes, or even a look inside your sales funnel as to the kind of upsells they can earn commissions on.

Lastly of course you want to offer your support to your affiliates. If they ask for review copies, then you should give it to them. Treat your affiliates and JVs like golden nuggets because that is what the are. They make you money and you should respect them.



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