Intro Income Secrets – Can you really make passive income with blogging?

Is it possible to make money blogging? The answer might surprise you. Read more to find out.

Welcome to DadJV. You are here because chances are you are looking for something whether that is making money online or improving your life. And chances are you can find it here. If you cannot find it here then chances also are that you will find it soon since more info are being added regularly.

I am a self-proclaimed researcher and I am also simply a humble dad that scours the world for tips, tricks, and bits of useful knowledge and golden nuggets of wisdom that may help improve my life and my family’s life. I share it with you in the hopes that it will also improve your life even a little. I do the research so you don’t have to.

See the main topic categories that you will learn here:

Money typically is a hot topic for most people. And it also is for me. It is where we all start and realize that thing we lack that will help get us to where we want to be. After we break away from our parents since we reach adulthood, we learn to fend for ourselves, and money is the currency that leverages the resources of others to help you out not only with necessities of life but also with pleasurable luxuries. Money is not everything but it is pretty damn important. So we cover that topic as a foundational base here.

Is money important? Here is my personal opinion about the basic concept of what an economy is and what is really important:

From a basic standpoint, economy is what happens when people work and exchange their work for other people’s work. Economic activity is all about people working. The trick is in finding work that you love that you will stick with for the rest of your life and be a master in that other people find valuable. When you become a master in it then you can package your wisdom into a product so you start generating passive income through residual income or royalties. But what most people want is the passive income and problem is they haven’t even reached mastery in anything yet.

Many people think economy is about money or when they hear economy they automatically think of money, but economy in its most basic sense even during hunter gatherer times is all about work. So if you don’t work you don’t contribute to the economy and you don’t get to take out from the economy. So don’t be lazy and work, and best case scenario is do work that you love. This site will help you with that if you happen to love the benefits that blogging, creating and publishing content, sharing your content to others who may find it valuable, and owning your own site will do for you.

So you fix your money issues and you fix a lot of your life’s problems. Then you move on to other problems in your life, which we also tackle here, like relationships, your health, faith, meaning, and giving back to the community.

But it all starts with gaining knowledge. If you are just starting out on your venture, then you no doubt must have experience analysis paralysis at some point. The analysis of paralysis for me was founded on good ground because if I get that feeling then that means there is just more information I need to know before feeling comfortable. The way I think about it, starting a business is like getting a degree in real life. It takes 4 years to absorb all that information for graduates to get a job and start making money. Then for real life businesses who risk your own resources, I felt I needed that 4 year reading and research before knowing the exact steps to take to produce positive results.

So stick around and I encourage you to browse and click on anything you find useful. If you don’t find what you are looking for, simply email me at for topic suggestions and nagging questions you have that you want answers to. I will keep researching and producing quality content that will help not only me but also you as well.


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