Getting lots of traffic to your blog fast and easy

Traffic is the life blood of your blog. You might have the best blog set up or monetization method, but if you do not have traffic coming into your site, then you will not make money. So you have your blog set up with domain and hosting, you have content that you worked hard to produce and published on your site, but now you have the problem of having no one coming to your blog and reading your stuff. You now have the problem of driving traffic to your site. This section really deserves its own book and course for that matter since that is how big this problem can be. But there is a solution.

So how do you fix this traffic problem? You need viewers coming into your blog, and viewing your content plus your ads so you get ad revenue, or your offers whether that’s your own offers or affiliate offers so that you have income coming in.

Free or paid?

You may have researched this issue and saw a lot of options available to you. You have free methods and paid methods. Free methods involve mostly SEO and link building. But there are so many issues with that. Mainly it takes a lot of time with no guarantee of ranking in search engines. Then there is also the problem that you my have faced where if you place a link on a high traffic site then you get labeled as spam and your link gets taken down or you may even get banned.

Now it is not to say that SEO and free traffic does not have it’s place. It is incredibly powerful when done right but that is for later down the road when you can afford the time and effort to build quality links and get traffic that way. Search traffic comes in for free too and it is passive.


But when you want to get traffic fast, you want to use paid traffic methods. This can be push-button easy. You just turn the traffic knob on and here comes the flood of traffic to your site. As a beginner blogger you want to find self-serve advertising platforms. These are platforms where you can set up the ads yourself and not need to have a manager hovering over your shoulder being the middle man between you and your traffic clicks. This form of PPC marketing takes some technical knowledge to know how to do, but it is easy to learn and it applies to pretty much all other PPC platforms once you know how to set one up in one platform.

But of course there are cons to this too. You have the problem of cost. Paid traffic especially pay per click traffic or PPC can be really costly especially on popular platforms like Facebook or Google.

Now how do you fix this problem? Find ways to lower the cost of PPC. You need to find sources of traffic that others either do not know or have difficulty using so that you can jump on the opportunity of getting cheap clicks from that source and profiting from it. These are secret sources of traffic and underground tactics that gives you a competitive edge against bidders of clicks from other popular platforms.

Finding the secrets

Great now you know the importance of finding secret, little-known, underground traffic sources that are untapped by the general marketers. But now where do you find them and how do you even know they are legitimate knowing that they are not very well established and may not even have reviews to back up their claims.

Now when it comes to finding secret, little-known, untapped sources of profitable traffic, the best way to do it is to do your own research and do your own experiments. An example of a little-known traffic source if CPALeads for instance. They have much cheaper rates than most platforms since not many people know about them. These sources of traffic are out there, but you have to find them. You can do google searches and find them but be warned that doing a google search usually comes up with very shallow results and just brings up low quality articles on the topic. But you have to weed through the dirt to get to the diamond.

Once you find these traffic sources, you need to bookmark them, remember them, put them in a sticky note, highlight them, put them in a list like an excel file, and treat them like gold. These are your money-making traffic sources, and they are yours only. You do not want to be sharing these sources with just anyone and for good reason. Just now I mentioned CPALeads, but now what do you think giving that info way will do to the cost per click on that platform if more and more people know about it?

And keeping it secret

For example, I could list the traffic sources right here on this page. But what happens then is that so many people will find out about it and drive up the cost per click. Then it stops being profitable. Moreover, the advertising platform then most likely will have higher chances of attracting unscrupulous marketers that use blackhat tactics and ruin the traffic source for everyone. You may notice these unscrupulous marketers tend to force these certain advertising platforms to tighten up their policies and make their rules stricter so that you can no longer advertise certain offers or put certain words in your ads. This is no good. That is why you want to keep your secret sources of traffic secret.

But you can share them once you find them, but only to a very very select few group of people. This is an elite group of people that you trust highly and know will not divulge your profitable findings to just anyone.

Only to an elite group

Luckily I have just that group. I have my own traffic sources that I use to drive up traffic to my sites significantly and they check the boxes of being secret, little-known, untapped sources of profitable traffic.

It comes at a price, but it is a worthy investment to save you time and hassle of finding them yourselves. You save time having to do the research and hard work of experimenting trying to figure out if it works or not. So why not give it a try, check it out here.