Dad’s earnings results – Income proofs and reports – Evidence of money made online gets you more motivated to be more productive and work harder online

Nothing gets me more motivated than seeing progress in terms of hard-proof of income in my earnings results. The more tangible progress I see, the more motivated I feel and the more I want to work hard to get even more progress, leading into an awesome upward spiral of progress. and productivity.

This post shows you how much money I am making with blogging. I am an internet newbie but I managed to create a tiny but decent and growing income from working on my own online business. This business allows me to work with ultimate flexibility of working when I want and wherever I want and how ever I want. But it is not to say that you can make money from nothing, you do still have to work. Still with the freedom this method allows me to work how I want to, then I will gladly work hard to make it that way to work on things I love and have freedom of time and location instead of feeling like a slave to another corporation.


This post does contain sensitive topics. Earning claims are difficult to disclose because of certain laws that prohibit making outrageous claims that are backed up with no proof. In the past there have been unscrupulous marketers that post income claims and claim that you can do it to in order to entice you to buy what they are selling. These marketers often are full of hype and get you riled up and excited that you too can get the same results.

That is not my goal here, and I am merely sharing my income reports for your informational purposes only. I cannot claim that you can get the same results, but just that these are the kind of results I got with the methods I used, and you can take out of that what you will. I am documenting my journey so that I can track back what I did for myself, and so that you too can benefit from my posts.

While I started out with affiliate marketing, I found that I was not making affiliate product sales, and tested out different revenue sources. I eventually found success with ad revenue by displaying ads on my website and delivering valuable informational posts for free so people consume that content and are exposed to related ads. I also find ad revenue to be awesome because of the relative stability of the income it produces. Even if it is little by little, I know that as long as the site gets even a little bit of traffic, there is at the possibility of even a little but of income. And in those days when there is more traffic that usual, then I can also see that income rise in tandem. So as long as I have regular flow of traffic, the income also follows. But I know I need to couple that with good quality content that people want to consume so they stay and keep coming back for more.


I use three ad revenue sources right now, and right now I choose to disclose a few of them. It is not that I want to keep them secret per se, it is just for safety reasons right now because I do not have proof yet of other sources. Perhaps in the future once I know it is safe to disclose them, then I will. But if you are familiar with the interface of the dashboards of these ad revenue sources, then you will most likely know what these sources are.

But please note that take the earnings results with a grain of salt. These results are only what I got and there is no guarantee you or anyone else will get them too. This is due to so many factors that is difficult to list here. Factors like traffic source, quality of that traffic, seasonality, how engaging your content is, event the speed of your site, and much more factors to take into account.

These earnings results tell more of a story of my journey to becoming profitable online. It is a dream to be able to do it for a living, but there is still much work to be done to be a steady and reliable form of income to support me and my family. I initially wanted to share screenshots of the results, but I decided not to because there may be issues involved with that. So to stay on the safe side I will only share text-based results and share a description of what these results mean and how I got them.

Ad revenue source 1

The very first taste of ad revenue I got was from It came almost as an accident. I was getting some traffic, and even bought Fiverr traffic to start (not recommended, it all seems to be bot traffic), and I did see some increase in Jetpack traffic analytics, but never in Google Analytics which is what matters more.

Still when I applied to, I was surprised I got in and my site was approved. It seems they do not care too much about the content in your site per se but as long as you are getting enough traffic then you will most likely get approved. Just also make sure you have the basic things of a website like terms of service page and privacy page for example. This is because a new site I tried to get approved did not get approved even though it had really good, valuable and original content on that new site, but it did not have much traffic at all since it was new. I think even though it had original content, it was not approved because the traffic just was not enough.

On the other hand, my first site which mostly consisted of PLR content which a vast majority of it I did not even repurpose was approved. But that site was also getting decent traffic and I also bet that the initial low quality traffic I bought also registered as traffic enough to be approved by So for this site I did get approved, and I went on to set the ads up without much expectation at first.

I remember the first day I put code on my WordPress blog. The day after that I checked the earnings report on and I saw I saw a whopping $4 in my account. I was livid. At that point starting out, I never saw this kind of money made in my site from displaying ads. I thought it was too good to be true. This was when I was getting about 100-200 real people traffic and not bot traffic this time. This was my first taste of ad revenue money and I wanted more. I looked forward to checking my stats on everyday since they update the stats daily and seeing how much ad impressions I produced and also the earnings I made.

The first day seemed like an outliner of sorts, because soon days and weeks after the first day, the earnings stabilized to a lower number like $0.50 up to $2.00 of income per day of ad revenue from After two months of using on my first site, I saw a total of $55 which is nothing too high. Plus their payout minimum is $100 so you have to earn that much first before they process your first payment.

The traffic I was getting was stable from the amount I mentioned before for this site. Traffic as you notice did not change too much, and it’s good because that means I can control for the ad revenue source as the main variable. But I did tinker with the ad placement a bit and remember this is my very first time with doing ad revenue and displaying ads on my site. I was also testing different WordPress plugins to use for ad placements or whether to use sticky sidebars or not and stuff like that. Some days I did not even display ads probably I forgot to display it after tinkering, or I tinkered with another method and had to stop ads for some reason.

So overall, for a beginner blogger who just discovered ad revenue, this was a big step for me. But of course from the earnings results for that time period and traffic, it was not enough and not a place where you want to stay for the long term. So I looked on the side for more ways to make money with my site.

Ad revenue source 2

I stumbled on PropellerAds almost by accident again like with I noticed this feeling of accidental discovery seems to happen most likely in times when I do not expect too much from something. I was looking up and googling “alternatives to AdSense” and I found PropellerAds which was recommended by another blog (I forgot the name of that blog). So I did more research and read reviews and it seemed like a legit monetization option for your site. It is something to note though that most people mention PropellerAds to those bloggers and webmasters who did not get approved for Adsense. This made it seem like Adsense was some kind of premium revenue source that not many people are able to get into, which was contrary to my belief before.

Now in terms of earnings results, the first time I put the PropellerAds ad code into my WordPress site, and I checked the day after I got a result of $10 ad revenue from PropellerAds alone and that is for the first day given the same amount of traffic from before when I was using That is surprising to me and I noted that this new earning was a little more than double the earnings of what I was making with I used their often advertised “Multi Tag” which combines different ad formats to your blog automatically including popunders, native ads, push notification, interstitials and more. It was my first time learning about these new ad formats as I have never known about them before. So I did a little researching what these ad formats even were.

PropellerAds ads themselves honestly do seem mighty intrusive to me personally. This is not a negative necessarily especially if you look at the larger strategic perspective. You cannot complain if you got approved really easily to this network. I was not complaining at the time because of the type of stable money I was bringing in by displaying PropellerAds ads. But I again knew this is not the ad revenue source I wanted long term and a revenue source I would want to stay in for a long time. This is especially because the ads they served give poor use experience for visitors of my site. I remember when I displayed those types, I did not even want to visit my own website because the user experience was just very poor. That says something. I do hope they figure out ways to make these ads less intrusive but for now for the ease of approval, you tend to accept what you can get, at least for now.

But I respect PropellerAds because they gave me a monetization source that was easy approval for my sites. But again, with easy approval and low barrier to entry often comes questionable quality and also more competition. Still, since I was able to get approved easily with them, I used them as monetization source for multiple sites I have.

Overall through in the short one month of using PropellerAds to monetize my sites, I saw a total earnings result of $152 with the same amount of traffic. I may still use them, but again only as part of an overall strategy, and not the main long term source. Although that can always change as the quality and performance changes for me.

Ad revenue source 3

The third ad revenue source I will be talking about in this post is Google’s very own AdSense. I remember Adsense several years before like around 2013-2014. This is because I read about them and tried them out and even though I did get some mediocre results, they were very very little for the amount of traffic that I was giving Adsense. This experience and more reviews like it gave me the impression that Adsense just was not worth it. But later years especially in the recent year or so in 2020-2021, I was wrong about AdSense.

Getting approved seems to be the biggest hurdle for many people when it comes to using AdSense to make money. The approval for AdSense may even warrant its own article. It seems that Google has become stricter and stricter over the years with their AdSense program. But this can be for good reason too and not just seen as a negative. This improves the quality of this network and also more than likely improve the earnings for people who use AdSense to display ads for revenue.

The main thing to point out when it comes to getting approved for AdSense is posting high quality and original content whether in text, video or other medium. I chose text since I loved writing and I was okay with it and I know it was something I could do for a long time to come. I had source material to work with from my old site and I repurposed that content into my own words and added a “dad” flair to give it some personality. Lo and behold after two weeks of waiting after applying for AdSense, I was approved for this site. Now then is the time to give AdSense a try again after so many years.

As of this writing, I only started monetizing with AdSense on this site for only 1 week now. Still, I can report on the earnings results I got since I started. When everything was finally set up and AdSense was serving ads, I saw on my first day an earning of $9 with again the same amount of traffic I was getting before (still no change in traffic). I was focusing on implementing new ad revenue sources, and became sort of addicted to it and learning more and more about new ones that I am not aware of yet that could boost income for the same amount of traffic. Then I will just focus on traffic later on and scale to the moon.

However, a big spike I saw which was surprising is when I tinkered with the ad placement for the ads in AdSense. At this point I had more experience with manually placing ads on my site using an ads plugin manager on WordPress. I aimed to make the ads more visible to visitors while making them appear like content so it does not look too intrusive. At the very least the ads could look like decorative and colorful image content on my site, and I like that. It’s like content added for you automatically. Since my content in my site was almost purely text, the images from the ads added a bit of flare to the user experience.

This was also the time when I removed PropllerAds ads completely on this site because I felt AdSense ads were enough. Too much ads was way too intrusive even for me especially with the popunders. This may also have factored in the earnings results of what you will see next from AdSense.

Now, the earning result after this ad placement change for greater visibility and removal of PropellerAds resulted in next day earnings being a whopping $21 for the single day alone. This was amazing to me. I have never seen such a high earning in a single day from a single ad revenue source. Still, this was about the 7th day of implementing AdSense ads and I will need to gather more data to make a conclusive discussion as to what factors actually affected such drastic boost in earnings. It could just be luck also. Visitors just may have felt extra clicky that day. Until more data come in, I just have to hang in there and monitor things.

Then later on I plan to finally start scaling traffic using paid ads such as CPC so that I can get into other more premium ad revenue sources like Ezoic which is another story altogether. From my research I believe this method is called Traffic Arbitrage where you arbitrate between two or more traffic sources and make a profit from the difference in price of the two. It sounds complicated, but basically it is buying traffic from one source at a lower cost (i.e. Facebook ads at one cent per click) and then selling those clicks to another network where you earn a higher amount (as in AdSense where users click and you earn $1 or more per click). On average you should return a profit if done right.


At this point, you want to look for more premium ad revenue sources. More revenue sources you now want to look into after you learn these initials ones are: Ezoic (10k session monthly requirement), Mediavine (50k session monthly requirement), and AdThrive (100k session monthly requirement). This is the order you want to apply for each one of these networks because of the increasing requirements. Each one of these higher and premium ad revenue sources have higher payouts correlated with the difficulty of getting approved for them.

Ezoic for example boasts 60% higher earnings than Adsense at the minimum. While some may argue that AdThrive and Mediavine have almost a neck and neck comparison in terms of earnings, it hard to argue that if a network has higher requirements and it is more difficult to get into, then it also means more likely they are higher quality and a worthy long term goal to get approved for. But from the various reviews I read about Mediavine, they are the gold standard ad revenue source to shoot for since they strike a great balance of quality, income potential, and support.

And eventually what you want to do after is to graduate from ad revenue sources to selling your own products, or selling affiliate products, since this will drastically give you higher profit margins compared to displaying ads alone. What’s also great is you can keep displaying ads for income and the revenue from sales you generate is icing on top of the cake of what you are already making from ads. Although this is not totally required because if you are perfectly fine making money from just ads and you are profitable with it, then by all means you focus your time and effort on it.

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