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Making content makes money? What content even makes money? Are you interested in making money online by blogging? Does having your own website interest you? Even though you hear a lot about blogging and how so many people are doing it, it is questionable as to whether they are even really making solid money blogging. Blogging has many benefits. It allows you to make passive income online when you set it up right after doing the hard work initially.

But if done wrong, it could be a waste of your time and money. You need to break down blogging into three main parts: 1) content creation, 2) monetization, and 3) traffic generation.

Each part requires more technical parts in itself, but these three are the three pillars you need to focus on and keep coming back to again and again in order to be successful and have a profitable blog that makes you money no matter where you are and even if you are not even working on it anymore.

Writing as a money-making skill

Dust off your writing skills because you are about to make use of it in this section. Original, high-quality content is the king when it comes to internet, traffic, and profits. Content comes in many forms but its most basic form is in written text. Written text is the backbone of all content. You can argue that video or podcasts or infographics are all the rage now, but time and time again the most fundamental form of content is text. Videos are created out of text, and podcasts can be made by reading a text, and images are nothing without text to give them description.

This is why writing skills are taught so widely in school. I hope you listened during your elementary and high school years to your English teachers. When you wonder when you would use that skill when you were back as a student then here it is now. This is how you make boat loads of money with this skill. But only if you are good at it or at the very least understand the fundamentals. You can always outsource the writing and that is encouraged later on. But in the beginning you need to learn the basics and principles of good writing so that you know the elements that make great content.

Now I will assume you have mastered writing and are ready to outsource this process. If you feel you have not mastered this skill yet or want to do your own writing, that is fine too but that is covered in another section.

Write it yourself or get help?

One resource you can use is iWriter to outsource the writing part. You can do a google search of it and go to their website, make your account, and test out the services they offer. They have cheap rates for the word count you get for the original, high-quality content. But be warned that these services tend to be written by third world countries since that is how they can afford to give cheap rates for the word count.

But do not ignore them right away for this. They actually do research that needs to be done and give quality writing. The major problem is in the grammar. You can use a tool such as Grammarly to fix the grammar issues and also use a plagiarism checker tool to check if the writing you got is truly original.

Even though tools are great, you need to always use your own understanding of good grammar and writing to proofread the content yourself since you yourself are posting them anyway.

Importance of market research and picking a profitable niche

But what topic should you write your content on? You need to have written content that attract people and that will make you money. These need to be topics that are important to people and they will want to read. Otherwise they will bounce off your website. You do not want that. So do market research.

Market research is looking up what people are consuming and what other people are producing. It’s like a marketplace of buyers and sellers but its consumers and producers of content. The content that people already consume are what they most likely will consume in the future. You can do free methods to do this kind of market research. A few ways are to go to Amazon and look at books you want to write topics in and read samples of the book itself, read the description of the book, and read the reviews about that book either in Amazon itself or outside sources like external blogs.

By doing this you are listening into the conversation that the general people are already having. Then what you do is add to the conversation through your own writing whether your writing is published in your own blog (preferably) or posted in another platform.

You know the beautiful thing about this is? It’s free but powerful. You see all these expensive keyword research tools. You really do not need them. You can do old fashioned reading and get keywords that people are looking for organically. In this way, it’s like having a personal one-to-one conversation with someone. It is a way of listening intimately to people and the quality of writing that you end up producing also ends up being intimate in the way that it connects with your readers.

On originality

But you do not just want to copy what others have written. You need to take what you learned and extract the essence of what people are really looking for. For example, people don’t necessarily always want to know how to make money fast, but they want the stress-relief that having no debt gives them, so you could write about stress relief when it comes to making money since making money is stressful. No one wants to stress about having to make money. Another example is people don’t necessarily always pursue fitness goals for the health, but there are people who do so that work out so they can attract the opposite sex and attract a romantic partner. Be a critical thinker and don’t always copy what other people are doing. Otherwise not only will you not have original, well-researched, content, but you will look like a robot to your viewers.

Then lastly when you get your high quality content written from your writer you outsourced, then you post it on your website. Whatever blog platform you use, you just post it there. I use WordPress so it is easy and I just make a new post and click publish then I see it right away in my website. You now have quality content posted and it will attract your target audience.

Write Great Headlines

You want a catchy headline that gets people’s attention and curiosity. This gets your readers wanting to read more. You have them hooked to your story. They will click to find out what you have to say. Problem is it can be hard to make up great headlines on the fly. But you can use these little-known tools online that will generate quality headlines for you and you can take inspiration from them to create your own. Try out and Phrase Generator:

Another more manual method is to go to and look at their headlines. Get inspiration from their headlines since whoever writes them makes it their aim to make the titles click-baity so people click on them.

Smart method of dafting for increased word count

It is no secret by now that search engines love long-form content that contain insightful information. But how do you even begin to draft it. You can do the old fashioned method you used in high school of just grinding it out. But you can do it the smart way which is this method that I do not see a lot of writers teaching.

I call it the Passive Drafting method. Here is how it goes. When you post on forums, you are basically creating content. The writing that you wrote in that forum is your own intellectual property right. Think about it. So what I would do is collect that forum post and put it in my blog under the category that makes sense for that post. This is especially amazing if you build backlinks in that forum post whether it is in the text itself or inside your signature. What is also amazing with this method is that the hard work of recording your forum posts is already done for you by the forum itself.

Check it out. Look back to the forum you are a member of and look inside your profile in there and nine times out of ten you can trace back almost all of your posts. You can see all the history of your posts you made this way in the forum and even though these posts may be 25 words up to 100 words, they are still your own words. This is writing you own, so why not collect them and claim them for yourself. Gather each of these bits of 100 word posts and put them in a Word document. When you have at least 5 posts you made in the past and gather them in this way, you all of a sudden have a 500 word article.

That is enough word count for a starter blog post. Plus, if you are a prolific forum poster since it can get addicting sometimes to post on these forums since we are social creatures after all, then that is a lot more forum posts you make in one day than you thought. Do you see how easy it is then to draft a 1000-2000 word long-form content with this method? Not only are you building backlinks by posting in the forums, but you are drafting and creating your content for your own blog when those readers from those forums go back to your blog. It would decrease their bounce rate and increase their session duration because you have meaningful content in the first place.

These forums posts, on top of being original content, are meaningful to the reader because it answered the topic that the original poster came up with. Plus if your forum post was genuine, it automatically resonated with the members in that forum and chances are it will resonate with the readers in your own blog when they browse your posts in your site. So if you are wondering how to come up with a method to creating content that resonates with your readers, then this is it. You are going straight to the source of who is reading your content on your site which is the people that ask them in the forums in the first place. Then it is pretty much like continuing the conversation from the forums and into your blog posts in your own websites where you control the environment as in if you can place affiliate links here or display ads for revenue.

Why you want to make original content – Importance of originality and Useful Plagiarism Checker Tool

You want to make sure you are not plagiarizing or self-plagiarizing. You want your content to be unique and original. This not only makes you look in the eyes of search engines like Google so that they rank you higher which gives you more traffic, but it also means you get to apply to higher tier advertising networks that give you more revenue for the amount of traffic you are getting. These ad revenue sources are Ezoic, Mediavine and Adthrive to name a few.

To check for plagiarism and if your content is unique, whether you wrote it yourself or had the writing outsource, you can use a plagiarism tool like

This is an awesome tool where you copy paste in your written content and it analyzes what percentage of it is plagiarized and which other percentage is unique and original. Use this tool always to make sure your content on your site is original. This is crucial to make sure your site is legitimate in the eyes of not only search engines, but the real people visiting your site as well so it is genuinely useful to them.


Another amazing tool I recommend is Siteliner. You can do a google search of them. What makes them great is that they are connected with the creators of CopyScape which is the popular duplicate content and plagiarism detection tool on the internet that identifies plagiarized content on any one particular piece of writing. But what makes Siteliner different is that it scans your entire website or blog and not just one piece of content and after a few minutes it gives you results in percentage of the amount of duplicate content you have on your website. It shows percentage on each separate page so you know which exact webpage on your site you need to work on.

For example, using Siteliner, I found one webpage in my site that had up to 86% duplicate content in it and I was scratching my head initially at why this was so. But I looked at the webpage which Siteliner conveniently gave me the link for and I noticed I combined the content on this page into another post to make a longer piece, but I forgot to delete the content on this old post and it was amazing that Siteliner detected that it was duplicate content since I forgot to delete it. I made this fix really quickly thanks to Siteliner. I highly recommend you use it for your own site so that you know what percentage of your site is original is which is duplicate so you can work on making your duplicate content more original and valuable.

By the time you are reading this, there may be better plagiarism checker tools out there so do your own research to make sure you are using the tool that is right for you. But you can start with the previously mentioned tool as a starting point.

Three great benefits of making original content

You might be wondering why bother with original content? There are things like scraping content other people have made, or using PLR that make it easy to just copy paste what others have written since you bought the rights to that anyway, then there is also copy pasting your own content and reusing it as your own again — otherwise called as self-plagiarism.

But that is just what these are. Plagiarism. There was a reason why plagiarism in school was highly disallowed. It is because in the real world, duplicate content does not add anything to the conversation and provides no insight to further discussions. It is robotic and makes you look really unethical.


Now what you want to do is be ethical. This makes viewers trust you and read more about what you have to say. Plus if you have paid offers, they are more likely to want to buy since they trust you.

Trust is everything. It keeps the connection you have with your readers. In the beginning, people don’t trust you, so you have to earn their trust. One good way to do this is offer them free information. This establishes you as the authority and makes you look knowledgeable about your topic and makes people trust you more.

But if you do some unethical thing like rehashing content that is not even in your own words, you devalue your authority, crush your credibility, and just make people question what you have to say in the future.

Paid Offers

You hear all the buzz about copywriting and what words will get people to buy. A lot of them say things that sound really manipulative. While copywriting itself has inherent value, the methods you use should be ethical. But people often times see the dollars signs before the people or end user.

By writing your own original content, people see you put effort in your work. This boosts your credibility with your readers and makes them trust you more. This makes them more likely to buy from you when you recommend something to them. Trust is the great driver of sales. When you have original content, people notice you made it yourself and they trust you more for it.

Ad Revenue

Also, if you monetize using ads, you are going to be loved by ad revenue sources like Adsense, Ezoic, and MediaVine. Ezoic and MediaVine in particular are popular for their high RPM or the money you get per thousand views on your page. This is great news. They filter out those unscrupulous websites that scrape content with low quality posts.

This is good for you. That is only if you produce original, non-plagiarized, high quality content.


In the end, what you want to do is always think of the end user in mind. They are ultimately your source of revenue, and they are the people that view your content because you are helping them solve some issue or issues that they have. Do not betray your viewers and followers by rehashing old content (or even worse – low quality content).

But don’t forget about yourself. Look at the things listed above. You boost your revenue in the long term whether that is with paid offers or ad revenue. You set yourself apart from unoriginal content giving you a great competitive advantage. To learn more tips on how to write content that attracts traffic, go here.

Now you have some basic tools to make great catchy click-baity headlines and titles for your content so people click on it.

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Recommended site for identifying the unoriginal content on your whole site: