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Learn to create content that helps people through research, writing, editing, and publishing and that makes you money.

You need to think of content as assets. In fact you can even call them content assets. This is because content is what makes you money, and what you spend on them in terms of time or money is an investment that will pay you back in dividends. That is why most successful online business owners say that Content is King.


If you think writing is hard, then think again. You can write conversationally like talking to a friend. Throw criticism out the window because there is no English teacher grading your writing. If you deliver value to people, then that is what matters. As long as you get the message across and people understand what you are saying, then that is great writing already.

I remember my master’s program. I had to write frequently. It was not a lot of writing, but the frequency that we had to produce the writing was what was interesting. It was a regular pace that we produced content as assignments. We had to write about one page of paper per week, and a small discussion post on Wednesdays, then after the term ends at every eight weeks, we had a bigger paper about 4 pages to do. The word count was not a lot, but over time it accumulated. This is especially because we had to write regularly at a steady pace a little bit every day. So the writing was not overwhelming but you were surprised at how much you wrote at the end of the week and at the end of the month over a long stretch of time.

On top of increased word count, there are even more qualities you will learn that will separate you from tons of other bloggers on the internet. They are being unique, being original, being creative, and a focus on providing value and insight.

There is a simple 7 step by step process to creating great content.

This process is:

  • researching,
  • brainstorming,
  • outlining,
  • drafting,
  • proofreading,
  • editing,
  • and publishing.

But in the end there really is two basic activity of creating content and that is reading and writing. We will go more in depth with each step one by one.

Researching to make money – reading existing literature and listening to your audience

You need to read 80% more than you write. Many people think of writing as if you just keep typing on your keyboard or putting pen to paper. But what most people do not see is the preparation before that step even takes place. But reading more and knowing more about what you will write will making the entire writing process easier.

Remember this mantra: “The more you read, the better you’ll write. Writing is 80% reading, and 20% typing.”

“The more you read, the better you’ll write. Writing is 80% reading, and 20% typing.”

As you read, you will come across authors who wrote what you read. It is tempting to read and move on to the next content that sparks your curiosity and forget about the stuff that you previously read. This is bad because when an idea comes up in your mind and you wonder how you came up with that idea, you cannot pinpoint the source of where you found that idea. You need to note these authors and the title of those articles to make a list of them as references so you can look back at them as you do your research and eventually drafting. This is also for your readers so they see where you got your sources from.

It is always important to make a list of references you gather and always cite your sources. Not just for you to refer back to, but for your audience to refer back to as well. There are ways you can organize your citations like with MLA or APA or Chicago style. But at the very least, include the link of the article you found it originally. This is what I do. But you do not want to do this long term because what if that link becomes dead and the article is moved elsewhere. It will be difficult to refer back to that dead link if you have no author name or article title or publisher to work with. Also knowing the publication date is important to see the relevancy and recency of the article.

Use sources which are ideally peer reviewed like scientific journals. Some examples are Google Scholar or PubMed for medical just to name two out of the many out there.

More on specific tips on researching profitable keywords and topics people are looking for to make income-producing blog posts

Also, finding a research topic often starts with finding a profitable niche to write about. The best way to find a profitable niche is to research your competitors. Look at the products being advertised at marketplaces like ClickBank or Amazon and find out what niche those products are. Look into the company that are selling those products and then find their websites. Researching your competitors also gives you content topic ideas to write about at the same time.

You can also do a google search of keywords in your niche and see which ads are showing up consistently then click on those paid ads and see what company services and products they are offering. Also note the valuable content they are giving out for free to visitors like in their blogs. The SERP, otherwise known as the actual search results that come up under the paid ads section, are good information. These first results ranked up high and the site owners invested a lot to get them to rank up that high, so most likely people are clicking on those search results because they are content-rich pages and you can learn a lot from them.

In fact a really writing good tip is to take this one content-rich article you found in your research and have yourself rewrite it in your own words to make it original or to have a writer you hire rewrite it in their own words to make it unique. Think of it as content curation in your own words. But make sure to always cite your sources so you do not plagiarize.


Brainstorming for income – revving up your creativity powerhouse

Brainstorming is coming up with topics to talk about from your research. Brainstorming can be an unorganized mess because you just jot down anything whether they are keywords or phrases that come to mind when you think about the topic you are writing. The organization comes later in the outlining stage.

This can be a fun exercise depending on your personality. If you are the more creative type then you will love coming up with new stuff. But it is not necessary. What is important is that you write down whatever words or phrases come to mind when you think of your topic that you previously researched in the previous stage.

Outlining for earnings- building structure and organization

Outlining gives your content structure and a skeleton so it can stand. You are now organizing what you brainstormed into something that makes more sense. Outlining is like building the table of contents for your post. Think of a book and how easily you can navigate that book thanks to the table of contents.

There are various ways to outline. You can get creative and tailor your outlining needs to what you want it to accomplish. But to suggest a basic template to the structure of your content, consider what I have below.

Example template of how to structure your content:

  • Introduction – explain the problem and introduce your proposed solution
  • Body – usually consisting of three main points that explain the solution more in depth
  • Conclusion – actionable step for visitors to take that will help them solve their problem

You may have even seen this type of essay format in your high school days or college days. It is basic and simples and it works. It does not have to be complicated. As long as you are delivering value to your readers then that is what matters. Complicated outlining can just makes things confusing as well.

Drafting for profits – write in your own words to increase word count

Drafting is when the actual writing process happens. Drafting is when you flesh out your content. You create sentences and paragraphs out of what you researched, brainstormed, and outlined in the previous stages.

Drafting sadly also can often take the most time and mental energy. Writing down words and increasing your word count can be time consuming, especially if writing is not the most favorite thing you like to do. But the most important thing at this stage is increasing your word count.

Think of your typing speed. On average people can type at a rate of 40 words per minute. You can take this as the absolute maximum of words per minute that you can write. So that means in one hour, you can type 2,400 words max. But again this is the max and you will very rarely see this kind of speed at which you create content.

But at least we have a baseline. But then you have to account for the amount of time you are thinking of sentences to come up with. Take on average that half the time you are typing, you are thinking of things to write about. That means you are typing up 1,200 words per hour at maximum when you take into account the amount of time you are thinking instead of typing.

Now at this point I would take into account the toll that writing takes on your brain and mind. Let’s give your mind some leeway because writing after all takes a tremendous amount of brain power. If you were to rest now and again during the time you are writing so that you minimize brain fatigue, then I would factor that as 50% rest and 50% thinking. So I would half the 1,200 word per hour typing speed to half. Now the most realistic drafting speed you can expect to do is 600 words per hour.

So 600 words per hour is a good drafting speed goal to shoot for. And you may even find that 600 words per hour is still on the high end, but it is a good baseline realistic drafting speed you can use.

I emphasize typing speed and word count in drafting because that is the most important part in drafting. You can always polish up what you drafted later on.

And as we can see you can even hire a writer to do the drafting stage for you. Or heck even the entire writing process for you.

Proofreading for gold – polishing to perfection

Proofreading, editing, and polishing really is where the magic happens. This is where you take the flesh you created in the drafting stage and start to mold it into something beautiful and impressive.

Proofreading is focused more on grammar, spelling, and syntax. Put your grammar Nazi hat on because you will be doing a lot of correcting. This can be the most boring part if you are not a true grammar Nazi at heart.

But gladly there are useful tools for this process. There are tools like Grammarly or other proofreading alternatives to help you spot the errors and you just simply correct them quickly. You can even hire a professional proofreader to do this for you.

Editing for diamonds – polishing even more to perfection

Editing is focused on making the content more impressive, easier to read, more engaging, and overall more useful. This is when you can add whatever you missed in the drafting stage, move around certain sentences or paragraphs which you feel fit better somewhere else in the content, or mix and match certain sections according to where they should be based on your outline you made earlier.

Editing can be the fun part, because you do not have to write that much, but you feel you are writing a lot since you have such a high word count already.

My favorite part when editing is coming up with catchy headlines to title each different sections, or even coming up with a catchier title for the entire post altogether. Creating catchy headlines is important because it tells your reader why they should keep reading. It hooks them to your post so your bounce rate is lower and session duration longer when you look at your Google Analytics.

Because remember, the more engaged your visitors are with your content, then the more likely they will see and clicks ads or buy products you recommend them.

Publishing for cash – hitting the enter key for all to see

Hey that rhymed. Publishing is the easiest part of the entire process. This is when you hit enter or click publish to post your content to your site. Then you can just sit back and relax, drive traffic to your content, and watch the income trickle in.

Bonus step: Writing on Autopilot – Outsourcing the writing and hiring writers for automatic income

Use sources like Fiverr, WriterAccess, or iWriter to name a few. People may call these low quality content mills, but they still provide you with something of value, which is in delegating the drafting stage of your writing process. Remember that the drafting stage can be the most time consuming part of the entire writing process, so delegating this makes a lot of sense. Because even though the quality of the content may be low, you can process that content that was drafted for you into the Proofreading and Editing stage to polish them up and turn them into high quality content. And remember that proofreading and editing do not take as much time nor energy as drafting does.

If you decide to use Fiverr, I would recommend looking up Filipino writers. My kababayan have great English skills since English is an automatic second language in the Philippines and they have very affordable rates compared to other countries since their cost of living is pretty low compared to other countries.

Why is writing so hard?

Writing is hard because we think we have to come up with something absolutely mind-blowingly brand new that no one has ever thought of. The truth is that most things in our world are not original and they are rehashed. Nothing is ever truly original. Great artists steal remember.

So do not sweat if what your writing is not perfect. What you want is to rewrite something that already works. Take a popular article in the past and rewrite it in your own words then you have your own content. Just be careful to give it your own creative spin so you are not outright plagiarizing.


How to practice writing for uniqueness, originality, creativity, and value to boost your income potential

Rewriting content that already works is okay, but you need to make it look unique and brand new by adding your own original spin. This section will show you how to develop and hone your writing skills to develop these qualities and make you a better writer online so that you attract more traffic to your site, make readers fall in love with you and your content, keep them coming back for more, and perhaps more importantly making you more money.

Fear of backlash

If you start marketing things online, chances are you will encounter negative perception of you being a sleazy marketer. I have had similar encounters where I was just sharing stuff online and people have the audacity to bash it. I have cool stuff to share but then now also I have this fear that there will be backlash since people will think it is spam or an ad that’s just cash grab with no value and it makes me hesitant to share even anything at all.

Sadly the bad perception of marketers is warranted because of the low barrier to entry in being a marketer. If the barrier to entry for being a marketer is low that means that low quality marketers will join the fray and be able to use bad methods of marketing which ruins it for everyone like good marketers who actually provide good value to people.

It’s like the perception of cops. Being a cop surprisingly has a low barrier to entry. I know in Los Angeles the requirement of being a cop is to have a high school diploma and no run ins with the law. This makes it hard to weed out low quality cops if the requirement is this low.

Fear as barrier to creativity

Fear of backlash is one of the critical things that block your creativity. If you have this perception at the back of your mind that ultimately people will receive your content negatively, then why bother creating it at all. But you cannot let what people think of you always determine your progress especially in business in general. Just know that if you truly know that you are providing value to people then you need not feel bad and sleazy. Sure you may get money in return, but that is in fair exchange to the value you give to people whether up front before even being paid or after the fact of you being paid.

The important thing to do is to make your outreach not look and sound like an advertisement at all. But even then there is still that possibility of backlash, there is just a segment of people out there especially in the internet that do not have the best mental health and have nothing good to say. You don’t need to mind these people at all. In which case just ignore those people and keep doing what you’re doing delivering value to people. But if people genuinely have constructive criticism to say, then take those criticism as quality feedback and adjust your approach if need be.

But don’t let fear hold you back. Fear is one of the greatest barriers to creativity. Just imagine if you knew you could not fail, then what would you create with your time. The possibilities are limitless with this kind of perception.

Write that content, drive traffic to it, display ads, and make lots of money.


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