Blog Money – Monetizing Your Blog Setup – Set up your site and make money online

Blogging can make you money online. This is how I make $35+ per day blogging. However, many people start blogs but never get profitable with them to make money enough to support themselves or their family. But you will learn how to do it properly here so you start creating income fast especially if you have some initial capital to invest.


You might hear blog and think of millennials and that it is a hobby for them. But there is a reason blogging is so popular. And that is because blogging makes people money and blogging helps people make money online and live the passive income dream lifestyle or laptop lifestyle.

Blogging in and of itself is just a medium. But many people use of blogging for creative reasons such as an outlet to express themselves online in writing, make a political statement, or spread a cause. Or simply just to market their products and services. Whatever the case may be, the content in the blogs themselves have a certain value to people that they would read and engage with the blog and want to learn more.

The more engaged the visitors are in your blog, then the more likely they will buy certain products and services or click on ads which make you money.

Setting up your site and blog for income

The main things you need to set up your blog are getting your own domain, hosting, and installing WordPress. This part can get technical. But luckily you have a lot of resources you can google to gain additional information to bridge the gap between what you do not know and what you need to know. Plus if you already have your own sites and have some experience, then this section will sound repetitive.

Namecheap is your best friend for domain and hosting

Also, I would highly recommend using Namecheap because they provide you with a lot of support and this comes especially with free training tools and tutorials that you can follow step by step. The instructions they give you are really good and enough to get you set up. This is why I also recommend Namecheap for your domain and hosting.

Simply go to the Namecheap home website and type into the search box the type of name you want your website to have, which is your domain. Your domain name should be a little bit related to the profitable niche you chose, but I would suggest to make a generic name that can fit any niche so you can be flexible in case you want to change niches with that domain, or add more niches within that domain.

You go through the buying process of buying that domain. There are extra things they offer you like upsells for ICANN fee and such. You only need the basic things so you do not have to get the extra stuff. What you want though is the whois guard which should be free, and the SSL certificate to make your site secure which also comes free.

Namecheap also offers you hosting packages. If you are just beginning and this is your very first website and blog then you most likely want to get the most basic hosting package which is the stellar hosting package, which allows you with three websites to host. With Namecheap the integration of the hosting to your domain is push button easy since you buy both at the same company.

WordPress – your money printing press

Next you need to install WordPress and WordPress is the gold standard of blogging platform. I use it for this site and many others and have no problems with it. It makes my job so easy. What you need to do is go into your cPanel which you should have set up already after installing WordPress. You can go into your cPanel usually by typing in your domain followed by forward slash cPanel. For example Then input your cpanel account and password.

When installing WordPress (or after) you need to choose a theme and design for your site. To design your blog, you do not need anything fancy. I use the Astra theme which has a free version. I would also suggest not using images to clutter your site unless the images are absolutely necessary because images really slow down the speed of your site.

Picking a profitable niche you are passionate about

Picking a profitable niche cannot be overstated. You need to get into a niche that is profitable if you want to make money online. But you also want to balance this with picking a niche that you are passionate about so that you can stick to this niche in the long term. The longer you can stick to a niche, the better because you are enjoying what you are working on.

So the trick is picking a niche that is both profitable and something you are passionate about. This is what we talked about in the introduction post. It is the biggest trick in finding more meaningful work. With this blogging setup, you are on your way to monetizing your content but the content you want is one that you are passionate about. But you also want to make sure this niche is profitable.

How do you find a profitable niche? There are several ways. The most popular way is through keyword research and researching your competitors. You can use good old Google Keyword Planner for this. You research keywords because this is what consumers are looking for and you gain insight into how much, how often and how stable keywords are which people are searching for. If people are searching for it, then most likely they have a problem with it and are buying products and services that solve their problems.

Now competition is an interesting part. You want to also research your competitors especially the successful competitors in your niche. Make a list of them and these are the sites that you will want to emulate. However, you do not want to outright copy them. Instead what you want to do is take their content and layout as inspiration and repurpose what already works and add your own spin to it. Then you also want to cite your sources as to not plagiarize other people’s work. This repurposing of content should have its own post since it is a big topic in itself.

Competitor research has also another benefit because having competition in a niche assures you that that niche is profitable and it is the more reason to go into that niche. Also competition depending on your personality should trigger a certain instinct if you are naturally competitive in nature. I know I am competitive and I love to one up the next guy, but of course do so in a friendly rivalry way and not hostile or any way harmful. You are basically learning from those who have gone before you after all and you need to have some gratitude for your competitors. You may even partner with them in the future if you are decide to use joint ventures as a method of getting traffic to your site.

Monetization sources

This is where you actually learn to make money from your site. You should be excited because I am. I love to see the money coming in. The topic of monetization can be addicting. I remember I would discover all kinds of different monetization sources and I would spend so much time reading up on them and fantasizing how my life would change if I could successfully make money that way.

I will tell you the ways in which I monetize my sites to make money online. I will also share with you other options of monetizing your blog for online income because there are many different varieties of options for you to choose from and no two person is the same. What might work for me might not work for you and vice versa. This way you can experiment and mix and match to see what works for you.

But basically the main options for you to make money from your blog and site are:

  • displaying ads (i.e. networks like Adsense, or selling direct to advertisers)
  • affiliate marketing (selling other people’s products and services including CPA offers)
  • selling your own products and services (digital products, physical products, freelance services, coaching, etc.)

The ease and profitability to which you can monetize and profit are usually also in this order. First it is easiest with display ads because you simply put a code or link on your site which earn you a modest income if setup right but not greatest income compared to the other two. Next is affiliate marketing where you gain higher income that display ads if done right because the prices of the products and services tend to be higher than displaying ads so you get higher affiliate commissions and it is not that difficult to set up since you are simply recommending other people’s product without creating it your own and doing customer support. Finally is selling your own products and services, where you can control how much you price the product which typically has the highest profit margin but high difficulty to set up.

Ad revenue for easy and stable income online

My biggest favorite monetization method that I will preach over and over is monetization through display ads. This is what I primarily use with great success. Even though the profit margins you get with display ads is not the highest than the other two methods, it is the easiest to set up and you get way more stability in the income you bring in. Plus you really only have to worry about content and traffic once your site is set up. It is also the most stable income online I have ever seen. Most of the time with affiliate marketing or selling your own products, you do not know if you will get sales from this visitor or that visitor because a sale is a big commitment from any visitor. But with ads, you can know your RPM which is revenue per thousand page views and this number tends to be stable the more traffic you have. Seeing or clicking on an ad is not a big commitment from visitors so they are more likely to do it whicg make you money.

Stability is a big thing for me, especially considering the uncertain nature of business. With display ads, you simply let visitors see ads and you make money. The more visitors you bring to your site, the higher chances you have of making money. And the best thing is that visitors do not even have to buy anything or make any scary commitment for you to make money. Visitors just have to see the ad or click on the ad for you to make money.

Income from displaying ads is so stable that it looks like full time income. You can see the money in your account rising at a steady and sure pace in tandem with the amount of traffic you bring in to your site.

You may hear a lot of people saying display ads do not work or that Adsense does not work. That is because they are not doing it right. If you do display ads properly on your blog, you will make a profit and a decent one and stable one at that.

On top of AdSense which is a great ad network and revenue source and I personally use, there are alternatives to AdSense that you can use and some of them have easy requirements to get into while you are waiting to get approved by AdSense of some more premium ad networks. and PropellerAds are two networks I have personally used and I can vouch that they are good networks although to me they do not pay as well as AdSense does.

These more easy to get into ad networks include but are not limited to:

  • PropellerAds
  • PopAds
  • Infolinks
  • Adsterra
  • …and much more

And here are the more premium but harder to get into ad networks:

  • AdSense
  • Ezoic
  • Mediavine
  • Adthrive
  • …and more

There are loads of information you can find already on the internet about these ad networks as revenue sources. I can add my own personal insight because I have first hand experience with, PropellerAds, and AdSense and Ezoic. With the others, you can do a google or YouTube search with keywords “xxx network review”. You will get tons of results that you can read through. But if you are like me then you will be excited to read these because this is how you can truly make money online.

Many of these revenue sources are easy to integrate into your WordPress site. for example has an official WordPress plugin where you can install it and you can setup ad placements using that plugin for easy setup of the revenue source then you can start earning. PropellerAds also has this similar official WordPress plugin. On top of that, there are also plugins you can easily find, install, and activate then setup to start earning after you place the ads on your site.

Post Quality Content – Content is King

As an online publisher, you need to learn and understand the importance of market research, keyword research, making up topics to discuss about and answering people’s questions then giving people the right tools and resources. This is what visitors come to you for and this is what makes them stay and engage with your content and your site. The more that people are engaged with your site, the more money you will most likely make as a result.

The more quality content you have on your blog, the more people will trust you and want to click on the ads on your site that you show them sort of like recommendations. Normally, ads that come from people we do not know are annoying. But ads that come from a trusted friend do not even seem like ads at all. They seem like friendly recommendations because we trust that person.

It is the same when your visitor is consuming content from you. They are building trust with you as their authority and friend. So that AdSense ad that would normally be annoying to someone would then be not so annoying anymore if they have read your quality content and trust that you know what you are talking about and have their best interest in mind. And the more that they see and click those ads, the more money you make.

But it all starts with having quality content.

What is the difference between low quality content and high quality content? Low quality content gets put in front of people because of the fact that they ranked for a search term or that they were paid to be put in front of people. But these content do not answer people’s problems or point them to tangible solutions to their problems. They do not add insight nor do they connect with the reader on a one-to-one human level. They can sometimes be difficult to understand and just outright confusing. They can even contain difficult to understand jargon, which arr big words that try to make them sound smart to hide the fact that they do not really know what they are talking about.

Besides the fact that they can have bad grammar and spelling at times, these types of posts are useless and you would not use them as a reference in the future because they do not solve your problem. They may be good at ranking for search terms, or have a lot of budget for pay per click ads, but they do not deliver the value you are looking for.

Time and effort invested by the writer

High quality posts on the other hand are ones where you can tell a great deal of time and effort were invested in researching the problem and even more time and effort were invested in looking for the right solution to that problem. The reader comes out reading it with satisfaction that they came out with something new and something to try out and test to see if it will solve their problem. Not only that, but they are easy to read because they were written by a human that know how to connect at a human level and break down complex stuff into easy to digest step by step instructions. They know their stuff so well that they can explain it to an eight year old child.

Tangible, tested, researched, and actionable

The best posts may have been written by a person that has experimented with the proposed solution first hand, but it doesn’t always have to be that way for it to be a good solution-based information. The information can be from a secondary source and still be good as long as it points you toward the ultimate actionable solution to your problem.

Take traffic for example. Most beginners have a hard time with traffic. I know because I had a hard time with traffic. If you google how to get traffic in google nowadays, you will get a lot of low quality posts about SEO, ranking for search terms, or guest blogging or other vague terms like link building and maybe even pay per click. These vague solutions are party due to vague search queries but also the posts themselves don’t solve the problem. Go through the search results one by and and answer “Were you finally able to generate traffic implementing the information that post contained?” If the answer is no then it didn’t solve your problem.

Understand your audience and the results they want

Another benefit of doing research is that it helps you understand the pain points of your audience. One tip is to search for keywords on Amazon that your target audience is searching and read the books they are reading. Especially the reviews, they have a good deal of pain points that people want solved. In this way you know what to write about so that it resonates with your readers and they will want to keep reading more of your stuff.

Help people solve their problems – White hat methods for long lasting income

When you produce low quality content especially if you are plagiarizing then it is basically black hat tactics. Black hat methods is for quick money that doesn’t last because it gets taken down. Most of the time these unscrupulous methods are for one trick ponies that don’t like hard work, but people crack down on this so they learn not to deal with these people in the future. White hat methods on the other hand is like sowing seeds and waiting for them to sprout. White hat takes hard work but the harvest lasts a long time. People like dealing with these people in the future because what they produce actually has value. Content that helps people solve problems are attractive and make money.


This is why research is so important. The value in good content many times is not in the content itself, but it is in the solution that it provides for the reader. Even if you have bad grammar or spelling at times, most readers can even forgive you for that if you give them the solution that they are looking for in their problem. That is why a conversational style and tone as if you were talking to a friend is really good to use since it is easy to read and gets the message across simply.



Ezoic vs AdSense: