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Monetization Is The Name Of The Game.


The concept of Monetization as used by website owners refers to the idea of taking a website, or any more advanced internet asset, and turn it into a profitable business model that will effortlessly generate a new stream of income for you.


When you're just starting out, it may seem like making a full-time income from the internet is nothing more than pie in the sky.


But believe me, a lot of people are doing it, and some are doing pretty well.


And some even better then that.

What's more, monetizing a website is quite easy once you understand the principles behind it - and once you do, the process becomes fully scaleable.


There is absolutely no limit to the number of websites you can own and profit from.


In fact, the major obstacle people come across in trying to make a living from their websites is not the difficulty of the process itself, but the information overload caused by the vast number of possibilities, each with their own pros and cons.


When faced with so much information and without a clear plan to follow, most people become confused and give up, thinking that they're not cut out for this kind of life.


To Win, You Must First Understand The Rules.

I've been using all kind of monetization tactics since I began my journey online and have always been excited at the earning potential that most websites have, completely unkown to their owners.


I made quite a lot of money during this time only by purchasing "blank slate" websites and then reselling them for a huge profit after just a few tweaks to release their income potential.


And on the way I discovered how best to use each monetization method for any type of website and development stage.


Whether you're building an informational website for your organization, keeping people around the world informed about the latest news in your area with an online blog, or playing the virtual real estate magnate and consistently churning out new profit-pulling websites, knowing the best monetization methods that will fit your website and online business model can drastically increase your profits, sometimes by more 300%.

What's even better is that most of these methods can be implemented within hours at first, and then minutes as you become more used to the processes involved.


Just think about it. A few minutes work to turn your website into a personal ATM that will make you money day after day, even as you sleep. It doesn't get any better than this.


But The Learning Curve Is Steep...
As I first started to explore the many different monetization venues now available online, I felt completely lost in the sea of opportunities offered to me.


This resulted in my efforts mostly going to waste and hundreds of hours lost to "analysis paralysis", not knowing which way to go, or simply not following through with anything because the methods themselves seemed too complex for me to follow.


One day I got tired of wasting all my time and hard earned money browsing forums and buying special reports and ebooks full of vague information, and decided it was time to get my act together.


I decided I would not spend another penny online until I really started making money on my own.


At first I felt like I was trying do a puzzle with some pieces missing.

Slowly, I began to learn more and more about the methods I was exploring, and uncovering precious tips and tricks that previous authors had omitted to include in their courses.


Then, all of a sudden, dimes and dollars started pouring in.


I kept at it, tweaking and exploring new methods of monetizing my websites.


And soon I had my own internet cash empire working for me.

Set It Once, Profit For Life!

You see, once you've set up your website the right way, monetizing it will require absolutely no more efforts on your part.


All you will have to do is keep on doing what you're already doing, updating your content and driving traffic to your sites.


Cracking The Monetization Code reveals a detailed overview of all of the latest monetization methods that are proven to work, as well as which methods no longer work, so that you don't waste your precious time for a few pennies.


You will discover exactly what methods to use for your project, their downsides, and the secret little tips and tricks you can use to maximise your profits and make your website the most profitable in the shortest period of time.


This all-in-one solution to your monetization needs is the result of my years of experience in turning ordinary websites into turbo-charged cash cows that you can keep to benefit from the monthly cashflow they will bring you, or flip and re-sell for huge profit.

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Most books on the market right now will either focus only on one specific method that may not be suitable to your business model, or will be so vague that they are completely useless.


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Originally: $197

Huge discount for a limited time! Hurry, BUY NOW while supplies last!

Blog Monetization Treasure