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About the owners: Mark Aquino, RN owns DadJV and is experienced in mental health working in psychiatrist hospital settings in Los Angeles helping others get their lives back and thrive. He shows how to profit using guidance from others who have been there, gone through the process, and succeeded.

Jif Neal holds a masters focusing in health administration and has been a digital marketer since 2015 and lives at Los Angeles, California with his wife, daughter, and cat. He earns $1000+ per month from his websites. On his free time, he enjoys playing video games and reading enlightening books.

“Beginner Blueprint Newbie Money-Making Method for Income That Works Through Email Marketing”

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            Earning money is one of the most important goals in our lives. And right now, we’re looking for any and every way to earn some pocket money. And one of the most popular ways to earn money is through online marketing. If you join affiliate programs or start blogs and advertise, you can earn yourself passive income that’ll come in handy during emergencies.

            Now, the problem with online marketing is you have to be able to make your product appealing. How do you do that? By using marketing techniques like email marketing. Email marketing is a great technique everyone should utilize. But you have to get it right. That’s not anything to worry about though. Just read through this guide and you’ll get it in no time.

What is email marketing?

            Email marketing is a marketing technique wherein you get the email addresses of subscribers or viewers and form an email list. Using the email list, you can then email these subscribers some sweet deals you think they’d appreciate.

            Once you establish a relationship with some, if not all, of your subscribers and earn their trust, you can send them some emails regarding great products and services. It’ll then be easier to market products and show them just how good these products are.

Why build an email list and use email marketing?

     1. Deliver offers relevant to the subscriber.

            If you show products, services, and officers that the subscriber has no interest in, they will likely unsubscribe. You must send emails consisting of products and services that will pique the interest of the viewer. If you run a blog that talks about fashion and lifestyle, make sure that you send offers of products that are related to fashion and lifestyle. The more subscribers you have, the more money you’re able to earn.

     2. Affordable marketing

            Tons of marketing techniques are expensive. Creating advertisements is one example of an expensive form of marketing. However, email marketing is the exact opposite.

            There are no fees or printing costs. There are no actors to pay in exchange for acting in your advertisements. All it takes is for you to get your subscribers’ and viewers’ email addresses and send them sweet deals.

     3. Simple and effective

            Email marketing isn’t as complicated as you might think. The most difficult part about email marketing is getting the email ads of the audience. If you’ve established a rapport with your audience and connected with them, this shouldn’t be difficult at all. Email marketing is simple and effective seeing as you’ll be sending relevant offers to your loyal subscribers. Read on to figure out how to utilize email marketing. We’ll break it down for you.

     4. Almost everyone uses emails

Steps to Utilizing Email Marketing and Starting Your Money-Making Journey

     1. Choose a niche.

            Before you start marketing products, you have to figure what kind of products you want to sell. Do you want to sell clothing? Or sportswear? Appliances and gadgets seem like a great option. Whatever this niche is, you have to make sure that you’re both passionate about it and it’s a marketable product.

            You can’t choose a product that people won’t be interested in. There’s no point in that. The criteria for choosing a niche include what you’re passionate about and whether it’s marketable or not. You’ve got to go where the money is. Find a profitable niche to get you started and move on to the next step.

     2. Join affiliate programs.

            Now that you found a niche, you’ll need to find something to sell. A great way to do so is by joining affiliate programs. A top affiliate program is the Amazon Affiliate Program. Most programs pay you every time a subscriber buys the product you’re marketing or every time someone views the affiliate link you’ve been given.

            Joining affiliate programs and marketing the affiliate links that will lead to where you can buy the product is how you’re going to be earning money online.

     2. Make sure people can sign up and subscribe to get these emails.

            The whole point of email marketing is to send emails with appealing offers. How do you send emails if you don’t know who to send them to? Make sure you have a way where people can subscribe to get these emails.

            A great way to do so is by starting a website. On this website, you can talk about your niche. Establish yourself and paint your website as a reputable one. Once you have a following and some loyal viewers, you can start asking for their emails. Here’s how. Design your website so that when someone clicks on your website, a pop-up will show asking for their email. You could say something along the lines of “Love our content? Subscribe for more!”. Once you have subscribers, you’ll have an email list consisting of all the email ads you were able to compile. Now you have a way in.

     3. Create an email marketing strategy.

            Here’s the difficult part. A lot of people get tons of emails every day. How do you make yours appealing? You’ve got to make sure that you send your audience relevant deals and offers. Make sure they’ll love what you’re sending them. And keep posting great content on your website, social media platforms, and the like. Once you have a strategy, start sending out those emails!

FAQ Section

     1. What are some good traffic strategies?

            For email marketing to work, you’ll need to form an email list. To get the emails of your viewers, they’ll need to trust you and want to hear more from you. You’re going to need some great strategies that will lead traffic to your website or your content. Here are a few.

            Make use of the Internet and start a website. Talk about whatever you’re passionate about. You could also try building rapport with the audience through social media platforms like Instagram.

     2. Where can I find affiliate offers?

            Find affiliate offers and start earning money online through websites like Clickbank and JVZoo. These are both reputable sites and they’re great.

The Takeaway

            There are tons of marketing techniques out there. Email marketing happens to be one of the most effective marketing techniques. Why not make use of such a good strategy? If you find email marketing difficult, check out the guide we’ve shown above that elaborates on the steps to email marketing. We’re sure it’ll help you out. Start your journey earning money online. These marketing techniques are amazing! Why not try them out?


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