Affiliate Marketing Monetization – How to use affiliate marketing promoting other people’s products to make money on your blog or site

Affiliate marketing is a popular and simple method to make money from your blog especially when you have traffic coming into your site. You do not have to own your own product to promote it. You simply select the product that is ideally already converting and has a good brand behind it. You then display it on your site through your affiliate link, being careful to give affiliate disclaimer that you get paid when other people click that link and take action through that link. When you send traffic to your page that has that affiliate link and they buy through your link, then you make affiliate money otherwise known as commissions.


No matter what form of monetization you use whether it is with affiliate marketing or not, researching all of your options is always good. I would suggest looking into and implementing ad revenue as a monetization option so you have a cushion when it comes to counteracting the cost of paid ads when driving traffic to your offer. You do not have to do this necessarily because ads can clutter your site and decrease enjoyability of browsing your site lowering user experience. Still, personally I feel you are leaving money on the table by not implementing some sort of ad revenue.

Still, probably one of the best things that makes affiliate marketing great is that it is free to do and doesn’t require much to start. You do not have to create your own product, or invest in other infrastructure like customer support or taking care of billing. Most of that is done for you and your job really is to send profitable traffic to that offer and you get commissions. Most bloggers use this method since it is a tried and true method. But you need to do affiliate marketing right. You see a lot of affiliate marketers that do this wrong and they just spam their affiliate links everywhere.

The easiest way to earn online

The easy way to earn money online is the way that you like most. This is because it is not going to feel like hard work. It will feel easy to earn online because you love doing what you do. For example a popular method is blogging . With blogging you can create content in whatever profitable topic or niche you want and whether that is in text or video or even just audio with podcasts.

Then you publish that content in your own site then get traffic to that site. And you can come up with ways to monetize that site and contents in that site. Popular monetization methods include affiliate marketing, displaying ads, or selling your own products. When you are passionate about the topic and monetize it, then working on that project will feel so easy because you want to work on it in the first place. Now this was just an example, but you want to make sure that you research and experiment with ways to earn online that works best for you.

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The Art and Science of Writing Good Review Product Posts

Reviews are what people look for before buying a product. They want to know that other real people, ideally not from the company of the product, are saying about that product so that they get an honest perspective of the true value of that product. You can use this and write these reviews for these potential buyers and in return you get a commission if they buy through your affiliate link, or you can recommend them to other better products again dropping your affiliate link to those recommended products. But above all, you want to always, always, always recommend products only you have tried and experienced with first hand, such as if you have bought that product and used it yourself, or you received a free copy from the product owner for the purpose of giving your honest review of that product.

For example, you want to create a good review of the product you are promoting. Ask for a review copy from the product owner, and most like they will allow it since you are promoting their product after all and they make money when people buy through you. Then you want to try the product out for yourself and document your impressions on a review post in your blog. This review post in your blog is critically important because this is where you will have your affiliate link to the affiliate product. It is also where you have a chance to convince your reader on the benefits of the product as well as the downsides so that your review is more believable.

Another example is through piggy-backing on product launches in websites like Muncheye or other similar product launch calendar sites. Product launches are products that have no been released yet and the product owners are building anticipation for this one day and time when the product will be released. The anticipation this type of promotion creates can be great and when there is a lot of audience anticipating that product to be released, there will be a flood of traffic searching for reviews of that particular product.

This is when you have your review posts in your blog about that product in order to catch the traffic that the product launch anticipation creates. You can release your review post even way before the launch like weeks or even months before the launch so that you capture that traffic into your own blog and they buy through your affiliate link when the launch comes. This is especially good when the cookie for the affiliate link stays in the visitor’s tracking for a long time like 30 days or more so that when they buy it doesn’t have to be immediately after they click on your link, it can be days or weeks later.

There are other sites besides Muncheye that you can look for product launches. Other popular places include Facebook groups dedicated to product launches. Simply do a Facebook search like “product launch” in the search bar and go to groups then you will find a search result of list of groups you can request to join to see which products are soon to be launched. Another is Product Hunt where product owners can list their products being released, but I wouldn’t rely on it as much as Muncheye.

For me personally, even though affiliate marketing is free, it is not something I would start with immediately. Sure, it is something I would consider on doing but only after setting up ad revenue sources first. This way, the traffic that comes in is monetized easily through the ad revenue. This is because affiliate products that you promote are more difficult to convert. For ad traffic, people simply click the ads at no cost to them and then you get paid for the ad.

With affiliate products, it is a higher commitment that your viewer has to take when going from simply reader to a buyer. It is more difficult to convince someone to pull out their wallet and spend hard-earned cash to buy something online than it is to click on an advertisement. So consider this when choosing which monetization option to choose when starting out for your blog. I wouldn’t rule out affiliate marketing altogether because it is still a good way to make money online.

“What if I do not have my own website?”

If you do not have your own website and blog yet then there are free options available, just be careful not to get used to free websites because there are so many benefits when you have your own website complete with domain, hosting, and WordPress. These free methods are very similar to the methods mentioned before because the most important thing is the review post and your affiliate link in that post whether that is in your own paid website or in a free website. All people want are the value you are giving to them through your unique insights with the content you are giving in the valuable review post.

So you know you can start affiliate marketing even if you do not have a website. I assume you do not have a website because you cannot afford it given you have zero budget. You are limited in ways you can start but there are free ways to start with affiliate marketing . You will have to make a free website like with Wix or Blogspot or the free WordPress blog. Then you simply find affiliate offer and there are many of them if you know where to look. Simply go to JVZoo, WarriorForum, or ClickBank, sign up for free, look for a product to promote, and get your affiliate link. You can then use your free blog that you made from the free site makers like Wix and ideally what you want to do is write a review post about that product. Make the review post legit by asking for a legit free review copy of the product from the vendor by emailing them directly. Then when you write the product review on your free blog, you can include your affiliate link you got from ClickBank or some similar affiliate network.

Now a similar free technique you could also do is taking advantage of free traffic from Joint Venture product launches . With your free site setup, you want to go to Muncheye and look for products that have not yet launched but are about to launch. Click on a popular product about to launch on Muncheye and get your affiliate link. The idea is that before these products are released, people will want to read reviews of them first before buying. This is where you come in, so you write a review post again on your free site and post your affiliate links there so you get commissions. You want to write a good and honest review post on your free site so that you gain the trust of your viewers and they will have a higher chance of buying through your affiliate link.

Now, free methods are okay to start at the very beginning but you want to get set up with an investment in your own blog with your own domain, hosting, and WordPress installed. There are so many benefits to owning your own site. To get you up and running fast and easy with cheap options go to DadJV – DadJV – The JV Dad Blog here to learn how to set up your blog fast and cheap to start earning.


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